HTC One M9 Rumors, Specifications, Features and Release Date

HTC One M9 Rumors, Specifications, Features and Release Date

It is scarcely any amount of time from the HTC One M8 appeared and still not just has declared the HTC One E8 and is speculated and rumored to be functioning on the One M8 Prime, but in present times some person has previously arisen with the concept for the HTC One M9. It is important to know that Designer Neoh Wei Sheng made it and, well, it appears believable that is to declare that it does not appear a million miles away from the M8. The M8 improved the design concept of the One MT from the HTC instated of totally changing it so that it is quite to assume that the M9 will acquire an ideal strategy and moreover improve the design. This is the major thing that the users are waiting for the next device of the HTC manufacturer.

General Appearance

On the overall, the appearance of this upcoming device is very identical, full with the curled metal black, Duo Ultra pixel camera setup and dual front facing Boom Sound speakers. The camera device has also equipped with dual LED flash on the back side. However, it is not identical. The display screen appears to genuinely be edge to edge, with miniscule bezels at each and every side of the device. This is the change that you would bet you are probably to observe as the One M8 yet has moderately visible bezels. In fact, the bottom and top bezels have been thinned too. At the peak, it is only large enough in order to fit the front facing camera and speaker, whilst the bottom bezel is a small larger, yet permitting space for the black bar, which appears to serve no use other than show the logo of the company, but it is slimmer as compared to the One M8.

HTC One M9 Rumors, Specifications, Features and Release Date

Some other modifications involve the addition of what seems to a hardware camera button and a somewhat less curved design as compared to its predecessor. Whilst no measurements are provided, it also appears as it is narrower than the M8 that once more time would make sense provided that the One M8 is available at a moderately chunky 9.4 mm.

Big Screen Size?

It as well appears as the screen is possibly a small huge than the 5.0 inch display screen of the One M8, but provided the miniature bezels the general footprint might not be much huge, as much like the LG attained with the G3.

Other miniature modifications involve moving the lens available at the side of the front facing camera from the right to the left and you can observe from the display that naturally it supports 4G.


Certainly, whilst this is a well assumed concept that is all it is and there is a good opportunity that features of the design of this device will make the thing is that you have not heard anything about HTC One M9 at all still. Hence, if you do not like this design concept, there is no need to worry; the concluded mobile device might be nothing like it because these are all the rumors. Moreover, at World Mobile Congress 2015 when HTC would release One M9, there would be other brands that would be presenting their beasts like Sony Xperia Z4 and Galaxy S6. However, Xperia Z4 release date is also in dilemma but would appear in the market along with One M9.

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