SEO Competition: Keys For The Fight

Google AdPlanner can also be used to learn a lot for the competition: traffic, socio-demographic profiles, etc.

In Google Insights, we can search keyword position and see which sites are improving. Some says that when you worked in very large companies you will find things that have not changed in a long time goals that has keywords on the pages. You can use Screaming Frog to analyze these keywords for each page. For me it’s weird to put their positioning objectives where anyone can see. Recommendation: Do not use Meta Keywords.

SEMRush is use to analyze the competition from your data with a grain of salt. SpyFu shows the keywords that websites buy on Google Adwords as well as the keywords that websites are showing up for within search results. Screaming Frog can see the titles of competition and can be analyze by Google keyword Tool.

Find the secrets of competition easily. Sometimes it is best to ask for support from your competition. You can ask if they have mobile sites, if they have newsletter, etc. One is identified as super fan to get this information.

Put your costume affiliates for further information, request sales information, reservations, transactions, etc.

Learn from your competitors and then eclipsed. Do something new to counter them. To see how they grow and what they do. Know the use of change detection. You can use this to identify the changes in the content page or Google Alerts program to detect changes in the SERPS.

We can also try to identify news by RSS by subscribing to certain services. With FeedRinse we can filter information relevant to a particular sector. IFTTT can also be applied to alerts RSS to receive them by mail, if this then that.

“Apple and Google are best drawing attention competitive advantage to attack.”

Linkdex links us to find opportunities to introduce five sites, it is use to redirect links to various sites such as blogs, news, Wiki. You can see the profile of each Web site links or sector. And what it does is display the data from Majestic in influence that link. Identify the best link of which other may not have.

SEO Competition: Keys For The Fight

Always Wear Protection

Because there are bad people, so we need to keep safe. Do not let your site be indexed in development. It is very easy to detect with Google and can often be unprotected.

More Possibility of Attack

Include your analytics code in your own website for falsifying data, etc.

How to avoid it?

We can simply filter in Analytics to include only traffic self-control (or who you detect unusual traffic being injected).

You can also let Google from indexing a development site in the SERPs but false, to mislead the competition. Best if you detected the IPs of your competitors.

Another Tip

For dogs and annoying employees found through LinkedIn. You can do something to discourage their employees. It may be false.

We can also send a legal document to distract them; any letter from a lawyer is quite distracting.

Ghostery is a plug-in for Chrome that tells if you have a page of Cookies, tracking, etc.

I can make reservations generating fictitious orders and those paid on arrival. But this can only help.

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Search weaknesses of competition and do something really good about it. What is Social Media? Is it only reactive instead of proactive? Where are they getting links? What made through e-mail? Do you have an App? Or a mobile site? Searches are different in every environment and also in different way. Look at the design of competition and make yours better.