How To Ensure That Digital Communication Technology Doesn’t Create Barriers Among Us?

How To Ensure That Digital Communication Technology Doesn’t Create Barriers Among Us

There are many technological implementations that we can use today. In many houses, we can already find smart TVs, computers and mobile devices. Many people feel fortunate, because their lives can be associated with the luxury of modern living. They often think that those bygone days without any digital luxuries are incredibly boring. It’s no longer the time when kids would gather on the side of the road playing hide and seek behind the bushes. After busy days at school, they often stay in the room to use their computers and mobile devices. It’s a bit hard to believe for kids that the greatest amusement of the parents was to be able to jump and run in the open field with their friends. The technology has changed a lot of things. People find it less necessary to have direct face to face communication, if instant messaging and social media can already help them to communicate a lot in different forms.

It is quite common to see that people are more comfortable talking with strangers who are living many thousands of miles away than with their neighbours. The modern digital environment has created invisible boundaries with nearby people, although it eliminates distance gaps between distant people. We only need to click some buttons or tap the screen to start conversing with many people through social media and online forums. There’s certainly a big leap in how we are able to communicate with one another. Saying something to people who are located thousands of miles away can be performed very easily. Geographical distances don’t matter so much. The world has contracted significantly in the digital age. It is easy to become connected to people who we never meet before. Even people in among the undeveloped parts of the world could be connected through satellite telephones and get their locations using GPS technology.

Despite all the technological advances, we shouldn’t allow us to get detached from our surrounding. Digital tools should be used only to complement our verbal communication, not to replace it. Smartphones should be used as the last resort to get in touch with someone. It’s so easy to depend on mobile devices that people tend to use their gadgets, although they are in the same building. We should look for factors that contribute in lessening our affectionate moments with loved ones and social interactions with others. All the tools in the information age should become the actual gift, instead of becoming curse that can keep ourselves farther away from one another. We shouldn’t forget about people who are around us. They have shared all the ups and downs with us, so it is important to maintain good connections with them, no matter what happen. We should make sure that we are able to maintain the very relationship with our friends, family and colleagues through direct verbal communication. The advances of technology should make our social lives become richer, instead becoming shallower. They need to complement, instead of superseding.

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