4 Benefits Of Windows Server Hosting

Web hosting platforms are highly varied, but among the group there are essentially two main players: Windows and Linux. Of course, both platforms have significant advantages, but here we will focus on the benefits of Windows server hosting.

Better With ASP or .NET Scripts

Among the greatest advantages of using Windows server hosting is its ability to run Active Server Pages (.ASP) scripts–an exceptionally powerful tool for creating interactive web pages–and the ever-popular .NET scripts. For websites relying on .NET or visual basic, the Windows platform is basically the only platform offering the things you will need for these languages. This pertains also for the increasingly popular .ASP scripts. Finding a Linux platform that can support .ASP and .NET scripts is rare air, indeed.

Database Driven Sites

For those whose websites are database driven, Windows is a far superior option. Further, for websites collecting data from Windows Access, the Windows web server is capable of creating seamless integration. Today’s content management environment calls for the type of application development platform, (as well as database support) that is readily available via the aforementioned scripts which, as mentioned earlier, are most compatible with Windows server hosting.

Ease of Use

For individuals with less experience in programming, the Windows operating system is often a very familiar operating system. Because the Windows hosting platform is similar, it offers less of a learning curve for those who simply want to focus on creating an incredible, dynamic and functional site, without having to become a programming genius.

4 Benefits Of Windows Server Hosting

Overall Performance and Reliability

It is generally agreed that the overall performance of Windows server hosting is exceptional, with outstanding speed, efficiency and uptime as its hallmark. Windows web hosting is also very stable. In addition, it can also host static pages well, while hosting an HTML file easily.

The interface of the Windows platform is not only attractive, but it is easily understood by most programmers of all skill levels, making it the go to choice for many simply because of its ease of use and ease of integration. Windows also has outstanding name recognition and support for those who need better understanding.


Finally, security, security, security. Regardless of the type of website you’re creating and what industry the website is intended to serve, security features are extremely imperative in maintaining a great experience all around. Customers and clients are more confident spending time on a well-secured website, as they are not exposing their own systems to potentially harmful viruses and attacks.

But for those operating an ecommerce website, the stakes are that much higher. Today, millions of customers enjoy the ease and flexibility of shopping online, but they also demand that site owners have taken the proper security measures to help ensure that their personal information and financial details remain safe. The Windows web server allows you to enable SSL Secure transactions to be processed through your website.

In general, most programming professionals agree that Windows security features are stellar and, arguably, less prone to hacking.

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