Is Buying Twitter Followers A Good Idea?

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Over the past couple of years a number of services seem to have popped up which claim to be selling twitter followers. The claim is that anyone can either get more twitter followers or they can buy twitter followers by the truckloads. However, as many experts will tell you the vast majority of these offers despite sounding perfect for your next social marketing campaigns are scams. The main reason why these are scams is either because you will pay and receive nothing in return or you will just end up with a bunch of people who are not really active on the social network. This as a consequence means that even though you may have a hundred thousand followers you will still rarely see any retweets. So, this is obviously a waste of time and money. That said there are a few reputed companies that do sell legitimate followers and retweets. Below we look at how you can spot a legitimate company and what you should expect.

The company should be based in your Country

In order to reduce the chances of being scammed ideally deal with a company in your country. The company selling more twitter followers or likes should be registered in your country. Check their registration and check their status with the Better Business Bureau. In most cases if the company does in fact turn out to be a scam (which is rare) you can always file a criminal lawsuit against them. Also, you can inform the Better Business Bureau too. The other reason you should choose to deal with a company in your part of the world is because you can instantly find out more about them by simply paying them a visit. You may also come across people who have worked for the company and continue to work for them which tell you a lot about how they operate.

Is Buying Twitter Followers A Good Idea

The company should offer a refund

When buying twitter followers it is important to keep in mind that gathering this many followers takes a bit of time. However, if you signed up for a package that sells you 10,000 followers and you just get 8000, then it’s time to ask for a refund or a partial refund. Make sure to check the company’s refund policy before you decide to buy twitter followers. Keep in mind the fact that legitimate companies always have a refund policy in place.

What guarantees do they express?

How do you know that the 10,000 followers or more that you’ve signed up for will be real? When you buy twitter followers from a reputed company you should be sure that the followers are more than just fake accounts or people who have not signed into their twitter account for ages. There is no point having thousands of followers if they do not see and retweet your messages. Also, Twitter deletes inactive accounts, so even if you have many followers you can be sure that they will not be around for long. This is why before you buy any package start with asking the company if these followers will be real and if they are active. In most cases 4% – 15% of the followers you get are active. But it’s always best to find out what the company will do to assure you of real followers.

Do they offer Retweets?

Many legitimate companies that sell twitter followers also sell retweets. This means that in addition to the retweets that you get from your existing list you will get a few more. It goes without saying that more a message is retweeted the faster it spreads, similar to how a snowball becomes larger as it gains momentum. So, if a company also sells retweets then there is a good chance that their services are really effective. But those who want to test the waters should start with a small package. This way if something goes wrong they do not lose a lot of money.

You get what you pay for!

If you purchase 5,000 twitter followers for $5 you are in fact setting yourself up to be scammed. No legitimate company that invests time and money in building a large number of legitimate followers can sell that number for $5 regardless of how competitive they are.

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