ZTE Plans To Launch Six 4G Phones In 2014

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ZTE Corporation is the Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment corporation one of the best telecom company throughout the world. And this company is the one the Chinese multinational organizations. This ZTE was established in the year 1985 by the founder of Hou Weigui. This company head quarter was located in China in Shenzhen.

The ZTE develops the products related wireless, mobile and optical transmission. And it also gives the products which are related to the value added services. The ZTE normally sells the products with its home name and OEM is also this home name. The ZTE Corporation is standing the top 5th position in the Chinese market by the serving the mobiles. The company is standing the top 10th position in the world.

The company ZTE plans to establish the 4G phones. The ZTE is the Telecom Equipment corporation plans to establish the six latest Smartphone’s in this year. These phones are establishing like handset research development center in India. The company mainly aimed to standing the 3rd position as per the revenues and this company wanted to position in the top of the sales of these handsets.

As per the top executive of the company, said that, the Smartphone’s 3G and 4G are will be available in the market at the starting rice of Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000. These phones will available in the market with the different segments. The company conveyed the huge details to the R&D center, which could be designed as per the facility of the Shanghai.

ZTE Plans To Launch Six 4G Phones In 2014

The person Adam Zeng, who is the executive of the VP, said that, “we are basically looking for the release of 4G mobiles in India and especially gung-ho reach edged about the business possibilities of 4G LTE arrangements in India. But the company is finishing the particular issues to launch the 3G and 4G Smartphone in the market”.

The executive Zeng was advertised to the ET on the ways of position in the Shanghai at the global analyst conference. The company is now standing in the position of the second largest telecom company and tie up with the media partner, mobile operator and finally channel partners to sell these new mobiles into the markets.

The company also plans to join the five excellent distributors to sell these mobiles over the India. Particularly the company joins to the one of the top most online retail sites ever in India, which is Amazon, eBay, FlipKart. And the China is looking forward to channel for publicity about this phone.

The Smartphone maker is also in discussion with the Chipset distributors which are Media Tech, Marvell and finally Qualcomm. This company is affordable taking these phones in India through the different online and offline retailers. These phones are presently going in china with the starting price $130 (Rs 7,700).

As per the person Qian Haw, who is the head of the ZTE Corp, said that, the company is doing awesome sales about the Smartphone’s used by the GSM, CDMA and 4G-LTE. The ZTE’s India will receive the double sales in the marketing and the budgets are growing up in the years 2014, 2015. The Qian also gave the presentation at the event.

Later the ZTE Company wants to develop the Android devices which are running on the operating system of Firefox. The company will take on this phone later this year.