How Video Marketing Can Improve A Business Website’s SEO Value

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Can videos really improve the SEO value of your website? The answer is affirmative, if the videos you have placed on your website have been search engine optimized. As long as that is taken care of, you can be sure, that your videos will speak much louder than the text or content on your website!

The primary reason for this is that, videos are combinations of audio and visual messages. They leave very little to imagination and can bring the most mundane communication alive! Videos give customers much more to base their marketing decisions on.

What is Video Marketing

Video marketing can be described as a rather recent form of internet marketing and advertising. Wikipedia describes this phenomenon as one in which, companies and brands create 2-5 minute short videos using content from articles. The manner in which these marketing videos are created is rather interesting! The transformation process sees articles being converted into power point presentations, to which animation and voiceovers are added. These presentations are changed into videos, using the latest software. The next step for a company is to upload its video /videos with obvious or hidden marketing messages on a number of popular video sharing websites, where they can be easily viewed, downloaded and circulated, among a vast number of video watchers around the globe.

How Video Marketing Can Improve A Business Website's SEO Value

Advantages of Video Marketing 

If you go by statistics, video marketing, while it is futuristic belongs very much to the present. Quite contrary to old school marketers who said that video marketing would not succeed, it has succeeded and how! There are plenty of reasons why video marketing has assumed such prominence today.

With videos being popularly watched across the globe, their relevance in marketing and advertising can never be underestimated. Also, the fact that video marketing transmits information more effortlessly, simply and quickly than content marketing, makes it a favorite with the younger generation. Popular video sharing websites have billions of viewers every day. The market for videos is increasing rapidly.

As a company you can use video marketing to inform, motivate and entertain! Your videos can be easily shared and searched out, giving you higher rankings on SERPs or Search Engine Results pages. It can also help you connect better with your customers and provide you with real time feedback; while keeping you in step with competitors using the same platform. For obvious reasons, then, if you are pondering over whether to include video marketing as part of your brand promotion campaign, it makes sense to go for it!

How to Search Engine Optimize Your Videos and Improve the Value of Your Website

However, to be effective the videos you use for the purpose of marketing, need to be search engine optimized! Some very simple ways to do it are as follows: Pick the right keywords first; Rename your video title accordingly; Infuse your video title with appropriate keywords; Be descriptive when creating a marketing hook for your videos; Ensure that you optimize tags and add interactive transcription files; It is imperative that you go full throttle when promoting your videos; It is essential that your promotions begin as soon as your videos are posted;  Make it simple and inviting for people to comment on your videos; Attempt to get more likes and positive comments than negative ones and finally try using inbound links to market your videos better!

The trick to successful video marketing, is to find the perfect balance between the creative content of the video and its technical functionality. This synergy ensures that not only is your video suited to your target audience, but that, it also successfully persuades them to buy from you. Using videos can improve your rankings on search pages and can add value to your search engine optimization initiatives. Rossiter and co produces Instant Impact marketing video solutions. We research your marketplace, learn your business, and understand why it’s different.

This article was written by Eliza. J. Petersione, who believes that video marketing, can enable an ecommerce website to rank higher in search engine results pages .