Top 5 Affordable Cities In India

The progress of any country has been measured by its real estate growth and India is one of the thriving destinations for real estate connoisseur. India exhibits a kaleidoscope of options but in this present scenario, the list of top 5 affordable cities of the country has the following names (the average range of price affordability is approximately Rs. 29 to 51 lacks)


The span of composed land business is little however the interest of the private lofts are going up which has been reflected by the development of new flats in Ahmedabad by the real estate developers. The infrastructure of the city is developing at steadfast pace enhancing the roadways and railways. Areas encompassing around Bopal, Gota and Satellite are expected to cater to mid income groups and the industrial development and the entrepreneurial progression make new promises for better return on investment


Basically private, Ghaziabad offers high supply of properties in the money related support of Rs 29-51 lakh. Sufficiently related by method for metro and boulevards to the business souks of Delhi-NCR region, Ghaziabad gives nourishment on a very basic level to the mid-income section. It is abode to hotel bunches, for instance, Kaushambi, Indirapuram and Vaishali along with yet to be constructed houses societies like Raj Nagar Extension and upgrades along the National Highway-24 past Indirapuram. The city has a high supply of ready flats offered by real estate developers and the infrastructural progression is just an addition to it

Top 5 Affordable Cities In India


Hyderabad has still the remained the most affordable Tier – I cities across the India. Even the upcoming projects in Hyderabad on the posh location revolves around the mid income budget. Moreover the upcoming infrastructural development adds to the convenience. The emerging IT/ITes corridor makes it an appropriate city to live in with better life – style quotient


The Silicon Valley of India has been another city which flies high in lifestyle statement and affordable in real estate markets. The amazing weather and the infrastructural development along with the thriving socio – economic – political demographics, this city is not only one of the favorite destination of IT/ITes conglomerates but also for real estate developers and the end buyers. Many top notch builders are even coming up with designer homes with landscaped gardens as well as the amenities like clubhouse including indoor and outdoor activities like swimming, gym, basketball court


Located within the vicinity of 200 kms, Pune real estate market is developing at a rapid pace. With the property prices sky – rocketing in Mumbai, the focus is getting shifted to Pune. Once known as retirement city, the Oxford City of the country has not only possesses good educational institution, but also has groomed itself as one of the promising city offer better living along with the opportunity to shape up your career. The conglomerates are also exploring this city along with the real estate developers to meet the increased demand of residential apartments

With time India is also regaining her glory to compete with other countries and stand by it with all the per-requisites to top the chart…and yeah…this is just a beginning…