Designers, Know Your Competition: 3 DIY Website Builders

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So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to create a site to support your business. As you scour the web for the optimal web design and publishing solution, you will discover that the options are almost endless, and one of the most enticing possibilities is using a Do-It-Yourself website builder. This option has become even more realistic in recent years due to continued development of themes and technologies used in these web services. Today there’s no shortage of quality website builders that can be used for powering virtually any website type – blogs, eCommerce sites, corporate websites, online portfolios and so on.

If you’re in the market for a new website and you don’t think that using a ready template provided by a website builder is cheating, join us reviewing three popular website builders, each targeting its own customer and following its own philosophy.


uCoz is a powerful website builder providing users with full freedom of web design and functionality. As opposed to its competitors, uCoz provides full code control. In other words, if you’re a coding ninja, you can build literally anything using this website builder in a fast and professional manner. However, in case you’re a complete newbie, working with uCoz can be frustrating, as it offers less fun than Wix or Weebly for instance. Anyway, you can try it without spending a cent and see for yourself how the system works – their free plan requires no credit card details and never expires when under construction.

Designers, Know Your Competition 3 DIY Website Builders


Squarespace is a highly versatile website builder that includes a wealth of customization features. All Squarespace websites are mobile-ready from the start, and what’s more – they can be edited and monitored on the go. Squarespace has an impressive suite of iOS apps that make the process of website creation and maintenance even more convenient. Although the website builder does offer many ready-to-use solutions that don’t require coding, it also includes some advanced editing options such as CSS editor for example. Designers will love it.


Wix boasts the ability to create jaw-dropping websites in mere minutes. Its intuitive interface allows for easy and fast design customization thanks to their convenient editor based on the WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop editing principles. Since October 2013, Wix has been offering the Mobile Solution – an inbuilt mobile editor allowing users not only to optimize Wix websites for smaller screens, but also add such mobile-only features like Mobile Preloader and Mobile Action bar.

However, the potential of putting web designers out of commission isn’t the only way site makers can impact the web publishing market. To the surprise of many, some of them are created specifically with designers in mind. Webydo website builder for instance is geared towards professional freelancers and web design agencies. It provides an advanced web-based design studio with publishing and project management capabilities. Besides, it allows designers to fully re-brand the system (upload your own logos and replace the default ones). If needed, you may export your website’s HTML and CSS code in an easy and fast way.

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