Interesting Tips for Baby Gift Baskets

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Little_Owl_Gift_Case_boy-653x434You will see a variety of clichéd gifts at a baby shower. These include porcelain dolls, photo gifts with cute borders, or linens in soothing shades of blue and peach. For a special friend or a close family member who has an upcoming baby shower planned, how can you stand out? How can you communicate that you truly care about her and her baby?  What options do you have?

You do not need to gift her something that will look as if it is a part of the generic gift pile, or something she could have easily picked up on her trip to a local baby care store.  Here are some great tips for baby shower gifts. These are affordable, easy to source and will still put a smile on the mother’s face!

Useful gifts are always appreciated

Baby toiletries and other accessories are always welcome and they will be in use for many years. These include wipes, lotions, washcloths, and baby care kits. In fact, you can make a utility baby gift basket with these or you can source them from trusted providers like Gourmet Basket.

Something for every budget

Seriously, there is something meaningful to gift for a baby shower no matter what your budget is. It is all about making the effort to look for meaningful things. For example, a book, or even an app with insights and tips into parenting for new mothers would look incredibly meaningful to a mother as she would appreciate your concern for this new phase of her life.

Buy something for the mother or the father

Even the small things count. These include an aromatherapy candle for the mother to relax, or some expensive coffee beans for the father. Look into the hobbies and interests of the parents, and find related gifts. For example, you can easily gift the mother a class with a well-known post maternity yoga specialist.

What not to put

Never gift second-hand goods for a baby shower. Firstly, second hand gifts look old. Secondly, they are extremely unhygienic. Babies have fragile immune systems, and can quickly pick up an infection from someone else’s germs. Often, second hand baby products are stored in unclean conditions, worsening their impact.

Additionally, the mother will receive a lot of “Knick-knacks” – in the form of porcelain dolls, glass wind-chimes and more – unless you have really invested on a stunning piece, it doesn’t make sense for gifting purposes.  Unless it’s common in the family, or has been mentioned discretely, don’t give cash or a cheque. A gift will always look more thoughtful than money.

If you are planning to spend a bit, don’t buy expensive clothing for the baby’s current size – he will outgrow them rapidly within the first year.  It makes sense to buy something a little bigger, so that the parents have something ready when he grows older.  This is why toys are the best bet, as kids will play with them for a few years. is one site where you can browse an exciting range of gifts for not just baby showers but for different types of occasions.

If you are still confused, you can always take a look at the gift registry for ideas. However, if you are going to follow the gift registry, try to get the specific brands, or products the parents have mentioned. Otherwise, they may have to return the gift to the store, opt for a refund and buy something else.

When you have finally packed your gift, don’t forget a card or a letter with a handwritten special message congratulating them, and wishing them good luck and support in their journey ahead.