The Best Monitoring Software For Smartphone and Computer

It is very important to control the internet usage in your gadgets and devices. As we know, smartphone has featured with many applications. It can be the most powerful device with it fast internet access. You can connect yourself with the outside world by using internet. But it needs a control for the internet usage especially if it was used by children. Based on that reason, we will give you some software to control your internet usage. You can use some updated feature that especially offered for you. In this case, the software can be installed in many devices such as computer and android smartphone.

The Best Monitoring Software For Smartphone and Computer

Many Kinds of Smartphone and Computer Monitoring Software

Firstly, we will talk about internet usage monitor for your smartphone. You can install My Data Manager in your phone. This software is featured by track data feature that can monitor the internet usage. It automatically monitors the amount of data usage and also sets the alarms to prevent the overage charges. The process and visualization is also very easy to be used and you will get a reminder notification continually. Data Manager also has several different graphs and filtering features. Overall, this software can limit the internet usage and block the several improper websites. You just need to install this software to protect your children when they are using your smartphones.

You can also use Media Access Control in your iOS phone. Media Access Control or also known as MAC Address is a unique network address. By using this software, you will be able to connect the network usage in every phone. All you have to do is just open the settings app in the installation process. And then, choose the general option to find the MAC address. If you have installed this software, you will be able to disable the internet access to protect your children for opening some websites.

On the other hand, computer should also be protected by internet usage monitor. In this case, you can use NetWorx as your software. NetWorx software can track all your Internet usage with an icon on the taskbar. In this case, you can click and launch the program to take and see your internet usage. The monitoring process can also give you a daily, weekly or monthly report for uploads and downloads process. You can install this software in your home computer as the protection for your lovely children. If you are installing this software, your children will not be able to access some sites that you have blocked.

Internet usage protector is the most useful software that can be installed in your smartphone and computer. By using that software, you are able to limit the internet usage and track the history of the internet access. In this case, there is special internet usage monitor as the last recommended software. The software will give you many updated monitoring features. On the other hand, you can see the report of history by using this software. Now, it is time to install SniperSpy as the last monitoring software in your computer.