The Disadvantages Of Being Spoon Fed By Technology

Even though technology has made our work faster and convenient, it also brings some advantages. We are mostly depending on technology. From hospitals to business companies, technology really solves problems that we cannot do on our own. However, we are slowly forgetting our functions as human beings. In addition, we disregard how manual labor helps us in a way that we can learn to do things on our own. Below are the following disadvantages of how we are spoon fed by technology:

The Disadvantages Of Being Spoon Fed By Technology


Are you hungry and want to buy something from the market or online store? You could visit McDonalds’ website or search for their business phone number online and place an order! You could do these things without the need to stand up!

Nowadays, a lot of people spend countless hours sitting down or using the computer. A lot of things that are usually done outdoors could now be done indoors as well. Technology has made things easier for us and results to people thinking that they can slack around and depend on it for everything. Although it is helpful when you have tons of work to do, it can cause you to be sedentary all day long.

Lack of Privacy

With today’s social media, people are now open about their personal lives. You know who’s dating who, what people had for breakfast, the places that they have been to, and even personal issues are broadcasted on social networking platforms. People today seem obligated to document each and every experience and interaction they have. Nothing seems to be personal because everything is out for the world to see. However, for the few who prefer to keep their privacy, they end up being pestered for information.

Cyber Crimes

Do you want access to the “Batman Trilogy,”  the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” and Demi Lovato’s “Third Times A Charm?” If you do, you could access websites that lets you download them for free. Downloading intellectual property from the Internet without the consent of the original owner is referred to as piracy. Piracy has caused a lot of entertainment companies to lose profit because these materials are leaked and made available for all. And because one simply cannot resist the temptation, we download it even though we know it’s the same as stealing. People would prefer to download the free versions of their favorite movies rather than invest in a pricey DVD.

People are misinterpreting the popular notion of “the best things in life are free” by using it as an excuse for downloading illegal files. After all, who can deny free stuff? It’s an advantage for consumers but a downside for everyone else in the business. Artists, authors, producers, and the likes are more cautious and ten times more vigilant in ensuring that websites that allow illegal downloading are penalized.

Online Harassment

Being anonymous on the Internet can enable a netizen to hide behind a fake identity while bullying another individual. Anonymous hate has been around and bad mouthing famous celebrities have become rampant and sparks dramatic issues that are mostly annoying. There are enough cases of hacking and cyber bullying to go around. It is a very upsetting matter and should be avoided, if not completely stopped.

These are just four out of the numerous disadvantages that modern technology has given us. It is nice to have an easy way of communication and do things that do not require you to go out of the house. However, it is not good to rely on devices to do the job for you rather than doing it yourself. Technology, in most cases, does more good than harm.

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