Why You Might Be Over-Paying for Your Smartphone

Why You Might Be Over Paying for Your SmartphoneNothing creates a bigger buzz in the tech world than the release of a new smartphone. According to studies, consumer smartphone purchases are made from specific wants and needs that millions of buyers demand. Velositor ranks the following features that drive smartphone sales:

  • Internet speed
  • Phone operating system
  • Number of apps
  • Ability to stream and play music and videos

It is clear that we buy smartphones for their ability to function as “micro computers”. However, 15-year-old lithium battery technology powers these little monsters. Smartphones keep advancing and come out with bigger, brighter and better features and an old battery is expected to keep up and take on the semblance of Atlas while bearing the weight of the mobile phone world on its “old timey” shoulders. But are you really getting your money’s worth when picking up the “next big thing” from your Android carrier?

Why your phone sucks

Well, it may not be your phone’s fault. Rather, your battery is sucking all the life and fun from your fancy new smartphone. How good is a Porsche if it can only be driven with half a tank of gas? You won’t get very far. Smartphones are the same way. The more advanced they get, the bigger their engine grows. Yet the puny little battery remains as subpar fuel.

Changing that battery to a premium performer

You may not be able to go to an electronics store and buy a modern battery; the technology hasn’t advanced yet. However, the best battery app Android has ever seen is now available. The Snapdragon BatteryGuru acts as a thinking brain for your phone. It learns user behavior and works with your battery to extend life into your phone so you can enjoy all those features you expect to use throughout the day.

How does it work?

Once this free app is installed simply give it a week to study and learn the user’s cell phone behavioral patterns, i.e. when you wake up and check your Facebook, when you send e-mails and when you make the most phone calls. It also recognizes trends of non-use, such as work hours, the time your classes run, or when you ignore your phone to workout at the gym. This app is programmed to learn from you. And as it continues to analyze your activities in the foreground of your phone’s landscape, in continues to deepen its understanding of how and when the user is actively using their mobile device.

When you are asleep at night the app temporarily shuts down the phone’s wifi connection, kills the brightness level, shuts down unused apps, and continues to perform a quick diagnostic to temporarily terminate any part of the mobile device’s system that would be draining the battery. Then when you are active throughout the day, you will notice your battery life is significantly better and you are free to use every amazing feature of your phone that you paid for.

Get your money’s worth

Using the best battery saving app on the market will enable you to enjoy all those amazing features throughout the day that your phone has to offer. ‘The New York Times’ encourages smartphone users to download battery saving apps as an ideal solution to preserving smartphone power. Without these apps, your phone can die mid-day. Download the BatteryGuru today or else you just might be overpaying for your Android device.

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