Blogging: Impeccable way to Connect with Audience!

images (21)Blogging is a creative way to express your views, opinions, rants and raves. Whether a blogger wants to have a diary type of blog or wants to express their opinions on a specific subject, blogs are the perfect arena to do so.

In today’s world economic crisis there are a multitude of advice blogs, education blogs, and all kinds of work related blogs. Most websites encourage feedback from their audience so blogging makes perfect sense.

Connecting to your audience

To be entertained audiences (followers) can see what their favourite writers, actors/actresses are doing or working on and are able to voice their opinions with hope that they can have a conversation with said person.

In a world of political correctness, bloggers may in fact express negative views on people or places, but should be prepared for the repercussions of those comments. Once those blogs are on the net, it is very hard to remove them. So bloggers really need to see how they appear to their audience, and take into account their audiences views on what they have just blogged.

Rant blogs are exactly what they appear. A blogger chooses to use their freedom of speech to voice their views. Comedian’s use this type of blog to increase their web visibility.

Social media

Social media services such as twitter and Facebook excel at using blogs and mini blogs to increase their user numbers. A person won’t be able to read a rant or rave on these websites without registering and creating their own user profile.

In fact any type of website content can appear to be a blog. Web content is written to inform a target market about the services and products that are included on that website, which is what weblog was created for.

Types of blogs

Browsing through the internet a reader can find all kinds of different blogs such as automotive, fashion, music, entertainment, political, social awareness. Basically if anyone is thinking about it, they can find literally any topic on a blog somewhere on the net.

Create your own blog

There are free sites that help you create your own blogs, but to gain visibility on a blog there must be followers and keywords that allow search engines to find those blogs. This is where social media comes in handy. Why blog if no one can see it; using social media and linking your blog to your profile allows your “friends” to see what you are blogging about and when you post a blog.


Keeping up on current trends helps keep an audience interested in returning to a blog and web traffic is a key page ranking by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. All home pages, whether it is Yahoo, MSN, Google, all show what is trending, and link to their own blogs on these trends; be it sports, entertainment, news or lifestyle.

Going further, social media services such as Twitter and Facebook offer mini blogs from its users, so that people can be kept informed on anything they are following with immediate updates.

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