Marketing Technology and Getting to Know the Customer

New advancements make it easier than ever for marketers to get to know their customer base. Through analytics, marketers gain insight into what customers want, what they think they want and where they spend their time. Capitalize on these technological advancements to get to know your customer base and implement your logo effectively.

What Your Logo Does and Doesn’t Do

Your logo plays a very important role in product and brand marketing, but it isn’t the only part. It provides a visual image of your company. Think of Starbucks and you think of the company’s mermaid logo. While a logo can illuminate your brand, remember that it’s not your brand. Your brand covers the emotions that come to mind when people think about your company, product or service.

At a basic level, a logo is a mark or symbol that serves as a signifier for your company. An effective logo should work well in color and black and white and should communicate your values. Before you finalize a logo, try printing it at different sizes, photocopying it and uploading it to the web. A good logo is versatile and attractive in all mediums. It may take many revisions to find the perfect logo that will elicit the response you want from customers and other businesses. Don’t rush your logo.

Marketing With Your Logo

Since your logo will appear on promotional materials, from company brochures to online advertisements, it’s an important part of your marketing platform. As your brand becomes well-known, a logo can help consumers remember you and your services. A logo improves credibility and trust in the marketplace and communicates your story to investors. Try making a pitch or connecting to customers without a logo if you’re not convinced that visuals make a difference.

Using Your Logo Socially

Socially, a good corporate logo design can enhance marketing and branding efforts. An attractive logo makes your business look professional, even if it’s a garage startup or a sole proprietorship where you work from home in pajamas. Your logo can aid brand identification across platforms. Don’t lose out on Twitter followers or Facebook likes because users aren’t sure if you’re the same Mike’s Pizza they visit every week.

Get the most out of your logo by using it everywhere: Your email signature, your website, Facebook, and promotional materials. This is one simple, yet effective, way of marketing. For example, you never know when an email you send with your logo attached will be forwarded or when a consumer will think of your catering company when asked for referrals because she spotted your van at the farmer’s market.

Leveraging Your Logo

Analytics can help you evaluate performance to see what’s working. Generate key performance indicators — areas to examine to define successful progress toward goals. Perhaps you want to increase brand awareness through social shares. Monitor content shared across social media to see where time’s being well spent and where it’s being wasted. If efforts to build a fan base via Pinterest aren’t working, it’s time to rethink your Pinterest strategy or allocate that time to more tweets.

These are just some of the ways that you can use your logo and the power of technology to improve the reach of your marketing efforts across channels. Continue to review and adapt your approach using analytics to achieve success.

Researcher and Content Writer at e-Syndicate Network. A constant learner. Learning and growing every day. Salman has over 5 years of experience in the fields of Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Brand and Business Development.