Future Technologies for the Window Industry

What are your home’s windows useful for? Err, for looking out of presumably. Oh, and they stop the rain getting in as well. If you think that this is all that they can do then it is time to take a look at some of the new and future technology in this industry.

Smart Windows

Just how smart can double glazing windows be? The answer is that they can be surprisingly smart. Right now there are boffins working on producing windows which offer you a giant touchscreen with internet access. This sounds a little bizarre at first but it makes sense when you think about it. After all, all that glass has got to come in handy for something other than just looking out of. Now you can look up the current weather conditions on the internet and see whether the information is accurate or not at the same time. Witt most of us having computers and mobile devices around the place another way to hook up to the internet might seem a little over the top but only time will tell whether this really takes off. Self cleaning glass bye bye commercial cleaners, but hello great looking bathroom mirrors!

Virtual Shades 

Don’t you just hate getting up to close the curtains when you are watching a film or when the sun wakens you up after a big night out? Now you can do this from the comfort of your sofa or chair using virtual shades which are built into your windows. We believe that they don’t need to be washed either. Alternatively you could use real curtains and operate them by remote control. It is a tough decision but the lovers of high tech gadgets among us will most likely be tempted by the virtual shades.

More Efficient Windows

This technology is a little more down to earth than the previous ones but it could turn out to be a lot more useful in the long run. It is simply the use of more effective glass to make sure that your home is cooler on hot days and, you guessed it, warmer on cold days. It sounds almost too simple but there you have it. There seems little doubt that once this technology is available at a good price it will be hugely popular.

Screensavers, Televisions and Images

If you have ever been on a cruise ship in an inside cabin then you probably know that the TV screen can work as a sort of virtual porthole and show seagoing scenery. Now imagine the situation in reverse and you have a window which shows you the television. You could also change your outlook on the world by putting up a screen saver which makes it look as though you are on the beach or on top of a snow capped mountain. There seems no limit to the possibilities for getting the most out of your high tech windows. Experts in led screens says that the future is tv through your windows but we might have to wait a while for that one!

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