Free iPhone Apps you May Have Overlooked

With a seemingly infinite number of apps now available for the iphone, it would be all too easy to overlook some of the real gems. Here is a small selection of some that you might have missed.


Find My iphone effectively puts a tracker on your iphone, meaning that should you lose or misplace it you can find out where it is by checking online. Similarly, if your iphone is stolen from you then you will be able to see where the thief has taken it. If you have lost your phone in your bedroom, for example, you can make your iphone play a loud noise even if it is set on ’silent’. You can also remotely lock your phone.Itis available for free on all devices running iOS, so it will also work on your ipod, ipad or Mac book.


It is essential to organise your relaxing evenings in front of the television with TV Guide. It brings a seven day T.V guide to your fingertips and also offers remote recording facilities to boot. You can select alerts and rate the television shows to recommend them to other TV Guide users.




If you are partial to going for a jog and enjoy keeping fit then Runkeeper might be just right for you. Like a personal trainer it tracks your runs and provides statistics relating to how far you have ran, the time taken, average speed and calories burnt. It helpfully also allows you to control your music so you needn’t sacrifice your important soundtrack whilst you run. Set yourself goals and targets and Runkeeper will keep you posted on your progress and let you know when your goal has been reached.


Virtual pianos, drums and guitars have always been ‘ten a penny’, but TonePad offers something quite different. Instead of strings or keys, you play music on a grid which allows you to find various notes and sounds. You can save your little compositions and if you are proud enough of them you can use them as ringtones. is a free offline dictionary and thesaurus with audio pronunciation, word origin/history and example sentences. Give your phone a little shake and it will surprise you with a random word as well. There are several passable dictionary apps available but this surpasses all the others with its impressive number of entries and the fact that it can be accessed offline as well.

Dictionary Apps


Not many of us Brits are all that familiar with The Onion, an American satirical newspaper/magazine/TV channel. It has similarities with the humour found in the Private Eye and can be extremely funny. Their iphone app has just had a major overhaul and they have introduced many great features. Those with a dry or daft sense of humour will enjoy this app.


With so many wonderful and well-crafted free apps, it sometimes seems a mystery to me why so many people are prepared to part with money for some of them. The other benefit is, of course, when I sell my iphone I won’t be kissing goodbye to lots of expensive apps I have paid for.


This post was written by Tyler Burrows – he used online recycling service Music Magpie to sell an iPhone and get extra cash.

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