How to Build a Great Tech Startup Team

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Every startup needs a group of experienced technical professionals. The team will greatly affect how the company performs as they are the ones who provide every element essential to the business’ growth and success. However, the company should be critical in choosing and developing the team.

Characteristics Required from Members

· Skills and Talents

One thing to look for in each team member is their skills and talents. Each member needs to have a specific talent or skill to contribute. This does not mean that they should have multiple skills. Instead, each one should be an expert in at least one field.

· Attitude

Attitude is another thing to look for when hiring team members. This includes their outlook, work ethic and how they handle difficulties with their job. A good team member is passionate about his or her work and company. The person should aim for team and company growth and be able to provide the best performance.

A good work ethic is another factor that can help the team succeed. This allows every member to work in a professional and healthy environment. It also helps them in reducing work-related stress and problems that can negatively affect the company’s performance.

· Team Player

Lastly, the team members should be great team players. This is because no person can succeed on his or her own and without help from others. An effective leader always respects each team member and knows that they cannot function well without them. A harmonious and healthy relationship between each member brings better and more effective results.

Areas Handled in a Technical Team

· Leading or Managing

There is a leader or manager who controls how the whole team works. This person may not be an expert in all fields as this is why other team members are needed. Instead, the leader should be an effective manager and organizer. He or she will manage how the team functions.

· Design and Development

The company needs someone who can develop ideas or products. This is why a developer is required for technical functions. The company also needs a person who can design their logo, brand and marketing tools. This calls for a skilled designer who can successfully make their company stand out.

· Legalities

The legalities involved in a technical team’s work are difficult to handle if there is no legal adviser present. This can be dangerous and costly if unavoidable problems occur. Therefore, a legal adviser is needed to understand laws and restrictions.

· Finances and Accounts

The financial part of a technical team is of great importance. A person should be allocated to handle and manage this area. This allows the management to effectively monitor their company’s development.

· Marketing

A person should also be in charge of marketing the team’s efforts. Without this, they will not be able to find clients and business partners. The marketer will handle how the team introduces their services and brand.

Team Building Activities for Technical Teams

It is highly important for tech teams to keep developing their skills, creativity and productivity while also learning how to work together to produce the best results possible. Here are some great tech team building recommendations from Team Building Sydney:
· Online Scavenger Hunt

A technical version of a traditional game, this provides techies a more enjoyable way of bonding as a team. The clues can be sent through different online tools or programs. The team should find the answer to each question. This activity allows the team to use their technical skills while testing their networking ability.

· Innovation Game

The team can also be given the task to think of ways to improve previous products. Each team should collaborate and work together. This will improve their teamwork skills while providing useful ideas for the company.

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