Stationery Set: Making Your Own Stuff

Are you amongst the people who have fetish for stationery, like me? Or are you the one who likes to customize own stationery with a touch of your creativity? Then you are going to love this article. Pens, Notepads, Sticky notes, Cards, Calendars, Labels, Stickers and Diaries; all can be customized and personalized your way. You can create your own set of stationery and gift wrap it. You can then gift it to your closed ones or office people on special occasions. Let’s see the types of stationery that you can create on your own.

  1. Gift Cards: The small gift cards that we attach with gifts are very easy to make at home. Take a cardboard and cut it into your desired shape. Dip it into brewed coffee or tea and remove it to blow dry. Once dry, it will look like old paper. On this paper, make an art or craftwork and your handmade gift card is ready. You can also paste a small designed cloth in the middle of the card that highlights your card.
  2. Sticky Notes: The cute little sticky notes are very easy-to-use in our day-to-day busy lives. Sticky notes are mostly seen in plain colors like white, yellow, pink or light green. But why not make them interactive and good looking rather than using them the way they are. Create a small table in Microsoft Word online. If you want to get reminded of your meetings, title it “Meetings” or if you want to keep your own image as the sticky note image, add it in the table. You can use your favorite design or flower design or funny images or quotes as sticky notes designs. Then print the same in a colored printer. Personalized post it notes are ready to be added in your office stationery.
  3. Calendars: Many options are available in the market to personalize a calendar. But why pay to someone when you can do it yourself. Pick up your favorite calendar with pictures. Mark the size of the pictures. Now go back to your personal photo album and choose own pictures according to the event that has taken place, month-wise. Take copies of the selected pictures and paste it on the calendar pictures. Cute customized calendar is complete for your desk. If you don’t want to add pictures month-wise, you can always pick up family photos or use a theme to create a calendar.
  4. Business Envelopes: Business envelopes already have a company logo and other details on it. Rather than having so much in a business envelope, make it simple yet elegant. If your business envelope has a logo and address to it and you want to hand it over to someone who needs your contact details, just paste your business card on the address on the envelope. That way you can represent the company as well as put in your details too. You can personalize a business envelope by framing your name in center of the envelope and not adding any extra details.

Similarly everything can be personalized at a very petty cost and if you have the creativity in you, let your imagination run riots.

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