How To Make Your Customers Believe In You

You might have been trying your level best to drive targeted visitors to your website with the hope that these visitors will eventually get converted and you will make money. Brilliant as it may sound but the fact is that with utter horror and dismay, you may come to realize the fact that none of these targeted visitors are getting converted. And the worse of all, you are not sure why these visitors are not getting converted. People may come up with different theories but identifying the main culprit is the way to succeed. To get it straight, it is the trust factor that is killing the conversion. In short and in simple English, your ecommerce website lacks the trust factor.

As far as the statistics are concerned, 63% shoppers decide to leave an ecommerce website as they do not feel secure there.  So, there is not a shred of doubt that trust is the single most contributing factor to shopping cart abandonment. But do not fear because you can fix this thing given the fact that you are willing to abiding by the following suggestions:


Security Seal: People look for some sort of prove that your ecommerce store is safe and secure.  Now, if you a big brand in your niche, this may not be an issue for you but for small business owners, this is most vital thing that stands between shopping cart abandonment and conversion. So, you will be better off, if you can manage to add a security seal in your website. Security seals from Thawte, Verisign and their likes seem to have huge impacts on the buying decision of shoppers. Presence of these seals makes them believe that your website is safe place to buy a product and their information will be in safe hands.


Display Credit Card Logos: It is seen that people tend to feel confident while making the payment when they see credit card logos present on the page. So, it will be great, if you can manage to add credit card logo in the check out page because this will dramatically increase buyer’s confidence in your website and may prompt them to complete the check out process.

Use of right Words: Words are more powerful than sword. And it is also proved that words can make or break a conversion. By making a simple change in the Call to Action button, you will be able to see significant changes in the conversion rate. May be sometimes, you can up the conversion rate by making changes in the headlines. It is all about making the impact felt.

Social Proof: People trust feedback of others. So, when they land on your webpage, you have to make sure that they can see what other people have to say about your service. Make sure that you have included testimonials in the landing page and if possible add real life images of people who are happy with the quality of your service. And never fear to ask your customers for reviews because you may never know how many of them may be willing to help you by giving a favorable feedback about your company and service.

Live Chat: By adding Live Chat option in your website, you can make your visitors feel that there is someone behind the desk to help him in case, something goes wrong. And the best thing about Live Chat is that it is highly cost effective. There are several Live Chat tools available that you can try. BoldChat, SnapEngage, Volusion and oLark are some of the cool Live chat tools available out there.

This article is contributed by Michael Evans who is associated with Site2You that helps you make your own website.

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