Top 5 Apps for Your iPad

The iPad, like many other gadgets has become a raging favorite among the young generation. Applications are an inseparable part of iPads. But which applications would suit your needs? Which are the ones that you would love having in your iPad? Investments, regarding these applications should be made wisely. With over 200,000 applications to choose from, it becomes a daunting task to pick up the right ones for your iPad. The iPad apps can be categorized into: social apps, travels and sports, news and business, education, entertainment and lastly games.


Here are top 5 apps that are much popular these days:


I)                   Facebook – When talking about applications this one comes first. This social networking site, though late to arrive on the ipad scenario was one of the fastest to catch up. Even a casual browser will find this app useful as it uses panes using the size of your display. You can easily glance through your recent updates, inbox and whatever your friends have to say. This one is a must have especially because it’s free!


II)                Tweetbot – This twitter client focuses on design as well as usability. Each user interface element has been given adequate attention in this app making it excel in both function and form.


III)             Air Supremacy – This one is for game lovers. It utilizes the iPad’s A5X quad-core graphics and retina display to its best. It is a multiplayer game and you can make your color scheme. With some additional payment owners of iPad can immerse themselves in the surreal experiences of this app.


IV)             CNN– One cannot spend the whole day launching birds to destroy pigs on the playing field, racing cars through the streets or fighting. CNN thankfully is an app of iPad which provides you with news and video in an iPad compatible format which forms the headlines for their regular website. You can directly view a live streaming of CNN which gives an added advantage. CNN and apps like it are result of how well dedicated apps could take full advantage of iOS. And most importantly this app for your iPad comes free of cost.


V)                 iBooks – Reading books on your iPad is a marvelous experience and this app gives you the chance to glance through the plethora of books at your disposal. iBooks are priced less than your hardbound books, an added advantage is of the page turning animations that make your experience even more gratifying.


From a sea of apps it would be difficult not to miss some fantastic apps while creating a list of top 5 best iPad apps! Some people love the games apps more than the education apps but all in all every app is unique in its own way. Having an iPad is really a great feel. It is always a great idea to get your gadget insured so as to use it freely without any worries. iPad insurance is a good option for getting your iPad insured. You can look for Protect your bubble insurance quotes online.


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