Best Art Apps for iPhone

Here’s the list of top 7 art apps for iphone.


AR Tattoos

Too much of a wuss to get a tattoo or just can’t decide what to get? Overlay a tattoo design (or several) on to yourself in real-time with this app, and save the results to your phone. A hint: try to stay away from tribal designs.


String AR Showcase

One of those apps to make your friends go “Wow!”, this doesn’t really do anything useful but is amazing all the same. As well as the app, you’ll need to download a few images from the String website and print them out. Now, place one of the images on a flat surface and the app will superimpose a 3D object or character over the live camera view on the screen. Our favourite is the little green gremlin who walks around your tabletop, but you might prefer the interactive pair of trainers or the dragon emerging from a hole in the wall.



This cartoon creator is simple to use and comes with a bunch of characters and backgrounds that’ll have you (or your little ones) creating dragon-slaying, pirate -plundering stories in no time. Add more sets with in-app purchases for 69p a pack, or draw your own -though the drawing tools aren’t great. You get help with planning stories too, so it works as a quick introduction to basic storytelling – from problem to conflict and then resolution. Finished? Show off your creations at the Toontastic website.



Proof-of-concept for Head-Coupled Perspective, which creates a 3D image on a 2D screen. The front camera tracks your head, altering the image on the screen. No practical applications yet, but very cool.


Adobe Color Lava

Swoosh and mix colours together to make your ideal palette or swatch selection, and upload your new colours to Photoshop CS5. You’ll never use an unoriginal colour again. Except for maybe black. Oh, also white.



Take a photo, choose a colour and shake to spray, turning your mundane snaps into Banksy-esque creations with this elegant app. Hey, want to be edgy? Take a photo of a spray paint can and put that through the app. Yeah!


Pimp Your Screen

Bored by Apple’s charming, stylish design factor? Customise your boring old iThing with new backgrounds, icons, app shelves and lock screens. It’ll totally mark you out as an individual as you proudly display your, um, iPhone.


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