Using HID lights has many benefits

Many people have heard about them, or have seen the unusually glowing HID lights on the road at some point, there are just only few who seem to completely understand the benefits of using these remarkable lights. When you are using traditional standard halogen bulbs you are putting your self at a serious disadvantage, one that could be changed by simply adding a replacement kit.

HID (high intensity discharge) lights are specially designed bulbs that use a gas called xenon which is heated using a ballast to help power the charge necessary. When this happens the xenon gas glows an intense yellow to blue light, depending upon what the Kelvin temperature is. The safe range is between 4300k and 6000k. This is sufficient for to you the light you need, but also in a range that is still safe for on coming drivers.

HID conversion kits first appeared in the public eye back in 1991 after the 7 Series by BMW was released on to the market. Now people can’t seem to get enough of it and there are specially designed kits that are made specifically for certain brands or models of cars. HID lights have become extremely popular and it doesn’t matter if you are driving a brand new car or have a classic car that you are wanting to retrofit a kit to. In fact, there are now motorcycle HID lights available to enthusiasts or drivers who want better protection.

One of the most important things to remember when considering purchasing HID lights is that they have the potential to truly save you and your family’s lives. With the extra light that is given off you have more visual space to work with when you are driving. Statistics show that most of the information that we use when driving comes from what we see, and with 40% of those involved in accidents at night potentially being killed you want every advantage possible. Using an inferior halogen bulb is something that is unnecessary now that there are incredibly superior options that can dramatically reduce these odds.

BMW HID Kits are not only stylish and attractive, they are also beneficial to driving safety. Although there have recently been some concern as to the legality of using these bulbs, the truth is as long as it is within the safe 4300k to 6000k range then you will be fine. The concern is when the temperature raises up above the 6000k range, and you start to see more of a purple color. This is not just an amount that will get you ticketed, but it can also be a hazard to on coming drivers.

Utilizing the power of HID lights can be a life saver, just so as long as you do it in a way that also protects others.

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