Positive and Negative Influence of Technology in the Education Sector

Technology has definitely influenced the various aspects of our lives. One good example is the communication where businesses and residential houses can now have a phone system with greater functionality and flexibility. This has become possible because of VoIP services provided by companies such as RingCentral telephone service providers. Another aspect where technology has a great influence is education. However, influences can be positive or negative. In the education sector, technological advancements have helped improve teaching methods. However, it has also made other things remain backward.


Has education really become accessible?

Many are saying that education has become accessible to all and that it is no longer a privilege a few can afford. Well, this may be because of the fact that information has become more accessible. People of different economic stature can access information through the Internet as this technology is now very cheap. Many can now afford to have a laptop and use it to access the Internet. If a laptop looks a little expensive, then there are computer shops where people can pay very little for an hour of web browsing. So, has education really become accessible? No. Technology has made information much easier to access but not education.

Access to information can do a lot in terms of improving comprehension level and accomplishing academic works such as research papers.

How has technology influenced the skills of the students?

The learning and comprehension skills of students are definitely influenced by technology in a positive way. With the amount of knowledge that is freely presented to them, they can easily understand things. Even at a young age, then can learn about things that they are about to learn in higher grades. On the other hand, computers make students more individualistic. As a result, their interactive abilities and communication skills are lost. This is not something good as socialization and conflict resolution are among the main reasons why students are sent to schools. So, if school administrations do not see this and make necessary steps to resolve the matter, students will continue to shift away from these two valuable reasons. It is therefore necessary to have a balance in so far as time devoted to computers and socialization is concerned.

Are there improvements in the teaching methods?

There are definitely numerous improvements in the teaching methods. Before, teachers have to allot time in making visual aids. Today, they can make presentations or slide shows with info graphics and other visually appealing figures. Then can use a projector for all of the students to see it. Students can also use laptops or tablets in taking down notes and in reviewing their reading materials to get ready for an exam. Today, online exams are becoming a trend. There are also schools and teachers that just give students a lot of reading assignments while having less time for discussions. Other schools also now resort to video conferencing as a way of teaching a subject. These have undesirable effects. For one, the teacher-student interaction is also lost. This makes people feel like they are robots that have to go to school and accomplish things that are asked of them to do.

Very clearly, technology has many positive influences in the education sector. However, it has also negative effects that can be resolved by properly managing the use or optimization of technology in learning.

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