Runtastic PRO GPS: Very Useful iPhone App For Fitness

Runtastic PRO GPS is an application for running and outdoor fitness (jogging, Nordic walking, walking, skating …) and indoor (treadmill, cardio, yoga, body-building). It Keeps track of your sport – look for the reasons – consumes calories and achieve better results. Runtastic PRO uses the GPS feature of your iPhone to make it a multi-functional stopwatch with many GPS tools! This wonderful application will meet all your needs for training; with the GPS, you can track all your activities and your progress. Carry your runtastic during your training and it will give you the right motivation.

Runtastic PRO is not only great for outdoor activities, but it’s also great for indoor activities such as treadmill, the gym or yoga. So No need to buy other gadgets but just download runtastic PRO and it has everything you need to track your fitness progress!

It includes female voices in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish. It will guide the different parameters (distance, speed, pitch,….) and, if you want, give you the encouragement.

Runtastic PRO features:

  • Track workouts with GPS: Automatically records time, distance, calories burned, speed, and more!
  • View your current position and your location (Google Maps)
  • Table and Graph for Speed ??Pass, altitude, speed and heart rate
  • Exercise Log
  • Support voice in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Integration with iPod: Listen to your favorite music while you train
  • PowerSong: Activate your PowerSong when you need to accelerate
  • Live Tracking: real-time display of your position, it so that your friends or your family know where you are
  • Incitement during activities now your friends can cheer for you from or by various social networks while you train. Certainly encourage you!
  • Interval workouts and personal trainers: gradually improves your performance under the guidance of
  • Race: Race against yourself or challenge your friends while supporting voice will inform you if you’re ahead.
  • Workout Mode (burn a pizza during the activity)
  • Monitoring your weight
  • Sharing via Social Network: Post your activities on Facebook, Twitter and portal runtastic Fitness
  • Indoor Sports: The manual data entry allows you to track your activities on a treadmill at the gym or doing yoga.
  • Landscape mode
  • Integration with HR via additional accessories
  • Training zone heart (Aerobic Zone, …) Select the training that suits you
  • Accurate calculation of the altitude
  • Photos geotagged
  • Calculation of sunrises and sunsets
  • High resolution graphics on iPhone 4
  • All future updates are free
  • runtastic PRO GPS costs $5.99 – available at App Store


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