Apple iPhone 5 Prototype Lost Not Found?

Earlier this week it was reported that an iPhone prototype was misplaced in a bar in San Francisco by an Apple employee. This has happened for the second time in many years and has gotten the world spinning. If your anywhere near the Cava 22 which is a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission district you are in fact very close to the misplaced iPhone as CNET has reported and had caused a huge hassle for Apple security to recover this device before it made its way to the media. So far the company has tried to distract the media from assuming that there is actually a new Apple device on its way. They claimed to say that there was nothing they had and that the media will be told if there will be an event of a new launch for the iPhone 5. However, people have still got strong believes declaring that the launch in fact will happen in October and no other date before that.

Later Apple investigators accompanied with the police electronically traced a phone call which led them to a two floor, single family house in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood according to a source. They visited the house and met with a man who seemed to be in his twenties. The man confessed that in fact he had been to Cava 22 the night the device had in fact gone missing but he had not seen nor had he taken it home with him. He gave the police the permission to search his house in order to be absolutely sure. Later after a thorough research it was indeed discovered that the man was simply telling the truth and that the wear abouts of the device were still unknown.

All this sounds quite familiar. In fact this is because last year when a prototype of the iPhone 4 was left behind a Bar area the company was able to retrieve the device but not quickly enough as the website Gizmodo had bought it for 5000$ and posted each and every detail about the new phone in its website. The website recently ended and although the owners of the site did not face any legal charges, the young man who happened to be the delivery boy was held responsible for the whole event and did face harsh consequences.

We now wonder if the iPhone 5 will face the same fate.

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