Zoho recruit: Applicant Tracking System And Recruitment Software

Are you tired of scouring through multiple documents and systems, just to keep yourself updated on the recruitment details, during a staff hiring exercise? Well if you are then you should consider using Zoho Recruit, an advanced web based applicant tracking and recruitment software. Zoho Recruit is designed to empower recruiters with the necessary tools to post and track job openings, check on resumes posted by candidates, and make it easy for you to contact those who qualify in a quick and efficient manner.


Zoho Recruit comes packed with a variety of features that will make your staff recruitment excise easier with virtually no paperwork involved. These features include:


Create and Publish Job Openings:
This feature enables you to create and publish job openings, based on your firms or clients requirements. You also get options like the ability to mark top priority jobs as “hot”, which should assist recruiters and candidates to indentify and prioritize those opportunities.

Candidate Sourcing:
Through this feature, you can be able to gather resumes from a variety of sources and categorize and filter out candidates, based on your application criteria. You can also be able to send mass email messages, to your candidates with just one click, saving you a lot of time and effort. Another option you get is the ability to embed a resume form, into your own website (if you have one). This makes it easy for you to collect candidate data in an accurate and efficient manner. You can also export candidate data in other formats such as excel, tsv, csv, etc, which allows you to maintain your own records and to back them up.

Resume Management:
This feature enables you to manage and track the progress of candidates very easily. Specifically, it enables you to schedule interviews and update the status of potential candidates, for example, you can be able to tell if a candidate has been scheduled for interview, and the outcome of it. Any updates done in the hiring process, such as scheduled interviews, can be automatically sent to key members, who are involved in the hiring process. You can also get a history report, if any amendments have been made to a candidates resume.

So what are the costs for Zoho Recruit services? With Zoho Recruit there are two types of accounts available: a free and standard edition account. With the free edition you get limited features, but since the service is free at this point, it a great way to test their services and determine whether they are to your liking. The standard edition account will cost 20$ a month, with unlimited options.


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