WebWatcher: Spouse Monitoring Software

Dealing with infidelity in a relationship is never easy, but turning a blind eye to evidence and hoping for the best is never the best way to deal with it. When it comes to infidelity, there are always some telltale signs that should warn you of the possibility of incredulous activities. Perhaps one of the biggest avenues which lead to possibility of infidelity is the internet. Partner can use a myriad of websites, such as social networking, IM, pornography, etc, which could eventually lead to, if not already happening, “affairs”. So how can you protect yourself from this potentiality? Well you could use the assistance of a spouse monitoring software, such as WebWatcher.

WebWatcher is designed to give users a full understanding of any and all activities online, which would suggest that their partner “has gone astray”. It is a web based program, with a very easy to do installation process. Once installed on your computer, the program is able to run on stealth mode, which basically means it won’t be accessible through applications such as task manager, process list, system tray, or even add/remove programs list. It also does not demand a lot of processing power, and internet bandwidth so your partner won’t be able to detect that their clandestine actions are being monitored.

WebWatcher is very comprehensive in its web monitoring capabilities. It has a key logger feature that records any key word phrases that may concern you. If an entry is made into the computer, that fits those keyword phrases, then an alert is generate and emailed to you, with a caption of the text, to arm you with some evidence if you need to confront your partner about it. It is also able to monitor websites with questionable content, such as pornography. The system is able to generate a full report, either remotely or from the computer itself, on the dealing that fit your concerns. These reports are very descriptive an able to determine the websites visited and amount of time spent on them.

Since the system is designed to run from a remote site, the manufacturer’s hosted website, your partner would not be able to intervene with the running of the software. The only issue we have with this program that the purchase cost only covers one computer, and product updates are included in the original price. But if you’re main concern is to get the necessary evidence that confirms infidelity in your relationship, then this system is heavily equipped, and should get the job done.

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