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Rana Sana admits his involvement in narcotics’ case

Rana Sana admits his involvement in narcotics’ case
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Detained former Law Minister of Punjab, Rana Sanaullah has admitted his involvement in narcotics’ case in his statement recorded before the investigation officer. Anti-Narcotics Force submitted a challan in court in which his admission was mentioned as he said that, “I have been associated with drug/narcotics smuggling since years. My expenditures have swelled up soon after I entered into politics. But my income was not too much. I developed links with drug smugglers after entering into politics, after becoming Law Minister in Punjab cabinet in particular. I felt that a few politicians, known to me, become billionaires and big leaders of almost all political parties made properties through illegal means. I was from the middle class and developed greed after meeting them. The business of drug smuggling and abetting criminals suited me well. So, I started facilitating and helping drug dealers and gradually started sending narcotics through my personal vehicles. It was an easy way to avoid police, etc, as being an influential person no one dared to check my vehicle. I got the drug from Afghans in Faisalabad and then other drug dealers got these drugs from me at different points for smuggling abroad to different countries,”

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The initial denial of the statement of the family followed the news as his wife Nabeela said that it is a made-up story by the ANF and claimed that her husband is innocent.

ANF stated all the relevant details of the action taken against Rana on 1 July, in the challan. The force mentioned that the drugs were carried in a V-8 vehicle having registration number BF-0601, the car was intercepted by the force and 15 kilograms of ‘heroine’ was confiscated along with a pistol. Private guards of Rana tried to retaliate to the situation to save him but the arrest was done successfully.

Previously, the action was much reprimanded by Shehbaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and others, and the PTI government was blamed to initiate the case to politically victimize the opposition leader. Shehbaz had blamed the government of using state institutions against opposition members to satisfy the political rivalry.


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