Jahan Ara at ITCN Asia 2019video

P@SHA’s President Jahan Ara at ITCN Asia 2019

Jahan Ara (President of P@SHA and Nest I/O Incubator) shared her views about ITCN Asia and some valuable suggestions for Startups.

The FBR sets up a booth at 19th ITCN Asia, in Expo Center Karachi

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has set up a stall for the first time in Asia's biggest-ever IT and Business Exhibition to encourage...
CPLC - ITCN Asia 2019video

CPLC Chief Muhammad Zubair at ITCN Asia 2019

CPLC Chief - Muhammad Zubair visited ITCN Asia 2019 and shared his views on the Importance of Conference like ITCN Asia and CPLC's Tech...
Startup Village 2019 - ITCN ASIA 2019

Startup Village 2019: 19th ITCN Asia Exhibition Show and Conferences

Committed to the tradition of excellence, ITCN is arranging 19th ITCN Asia conference and exhibition show, from September 17 to 19 at Expo center...

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