4 Ways To Boost Sales For Your E-Commerce Website

4 Ways To Boost Sales For Your E-Commerce Website

Now that stores are back open and running, you might have noticed that your e-commerce sales have dropped slightly. Your traffic might have also gone down in the past six months. Meaning you are struggling to pull in the numbers that you once were 12 months ago. 

Many people prefer buying their products in person. However, people still love the endless variety of clothes that you can buy online. If you are a business owner who is struggling at the moment, this might be the perfect guide for you and your e-commerce site. 

Put Together an Email List

Simple to do, yet very effective for many e-commerce websites around the world. Your website once achieved great numbers during lockdown when everybody was buying their items online. This means that people signed up to your website with their email. You also probably automatically sent them a confirmation email or online receipt. Now, you have a way of getting back in touch with them through the power of the internet. 

All you have to do is gather all of the emails in the past 6-12 months. Then put all those emails onto a spreadsheet and word document. This way, you are contacting people that have already bought and used your product. If they liked it, they might be interested in purchasing some more. The best bit, the only cost is your time. No money will need to go into those resources. 

The reason why this is so effective is due to the fact customers will decide to receive emails themselves. They can also choose to “unsubscribe” to stop receiving them. This method is also a great way to alert your previous customers that you have a sale. One final point about this, you have control of your emailing list. Just make sure that you construct a proper email marketing strategy for it to be effective.

Upsell Your Customer

A customer has got something in their basket, great! Although, there is more that can be done from here on. What you can do is suggest products that are similar to the ones that they are looking at. You could also recommend products that other customers have purchased. Even the item that they have just added into their basket could be related to previous customers. Not only are they going to buy a product that they have found off their own back. They will potentially be spending more on products that you have suggested. Similar to the product they are going to buy/ already have purchased.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Most people enjoy doing their shopping online. Whether that is for a grocery shop or they are looking at buying some vintage jewellery. You must identify where the majority of your customers come from to purchase products on your site. Google Analytics is a tool that shows you whether your users on your site come from mobile, tablet, or desktop. The world is slowly relying on mobiles and it is certainly the future with new on-demand applications. 

All businesses should optimise their websites to make sure they are mobile and desktop friendly. The world relies on technology, and people are slowly moving to online stores for their shopping as well. Your site must be user-friendly to increase the number of sales you get. People do not want to be on a website for too long on their phones. They want to go onto the website, search for the product they want and purchase in minutes. You can help them do that by optimising for all platforms. 

Optimise Your Website For Keywords

Now, you might have read that and not known what it meant. You have now made your website user-friendly but, is it SEO friendly? You must optimise your product pages and homepage to rank for keywords. Keywords are something that every user will search for on google. That could be clothing or a type of furniture. What is special about your product? Is it cheap and affordable? Is it eco-friendly? Many keywords are out there on the internet which can attract the customers that you are looking to target. 

Optimising for a keyword is a great way to increase traffic to your site. What is great about more traffic? More sales, if they are the right customers that you are attracting. If you are a premium clothing brand, you do not want to optimise for clothing that has affordable or cheap in the keyword. The reason is that the people that you will be attracting will be looking for clothing at a low cost and not a high. Make sure you attract the right customers. Using keywords with a location is a great way to market local businesses as well. 


Those are four simple and effective ways that you can make sure your sales start to go up. Some of these tips that we have suggested might be a bit too technical for you. Many marketing agencies will have plenty of experience and will make sure that you get the results that you were once getting. You must know how to increase brand awareness to increase traffic. As soon as you do that then you will soon be increasing the number of sales on your site. Good luck!