The Most Popular Designer Brands For Women

The Most Popular Designer Brands For Women

The fashion industry has some of the most creative designers in the world at the moment. Women’s fashion has never been so good compared to the previous years. Not to mention there are several luxurious fashion brands that continue to surprise us. Including fashion brands that are new to the world of luxury fashion. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe with luxurious clothing then this article is the one for you. 


Gucci is a brand that everybody knows and is arguably the best brand out there. It is a brand that embraces gender-neutral clothing with the changing times of society. The world is experiencing serious changes due to global warming.

Gucci understands the issues the world is facing, hence why their clothing is sustainable. Not only did they launch their first sustainable collection in 2020 but, they also introduced eco-friendly packaging. 

With the reputation that Gucci has managed to build over the years. Many brands have collaborated with Gucci such as North Face and Streetwear kings, Supreme. Gucci adapted to the times of the digital world, managing to get around 10 million engagements per month. Gucci is most notorious for many items such as shoes, bags, belts and t-shirts. Gucci has a trainer that is basic but goes well with any type of clothing. As well as representing the brand with their well-known green and red colours. 


Chanel is another well-recognised brand amongst males and females. France is home to some of the most prestigious brands out there and Chanel is one of them. Again, Chanel has a large online presence with over 45 million followers on Instagram. 

Chanel has covered a lot of bases since it was founded and provides the fashion industry with several luxury products. Bags, Earrings and even Perfume are some of the best out there. It is hard to go about your day to day business without coming across a Chanel advert somewhere. Whether that be when you are watching television or you drive past a billboard. 


Hermes, not the delivery company, Hermes had record sales of over 2.7 million dollars when it reopened its store in Guangzhou’s Taikoo Hui shopping centre. The brand was founded back in 1837 and straight away you think of the Hermes scarf. 

Another item that they are known for is the Birkin bag and was made back in 1984. It is a highly expensive product and only a few people can afford this bag. However, the handbag and the scarf are not the only products that they are known for. They specialise in clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances and beauty. 


Dior, founded in 1946, has had several designers since the death of Christian Dior in 1954. Although it is primarily a brand for women, they do not neglect the male market either. 

Dior has had some of the best marketing methods in the fashion industry. They created a virtual makeup filter for Instagram and a virtual sneaker try-on with the social media platform, Snapchat. Again, they cover a lot of items such as shoes and accessories but at the moment they seem to be dominating the perfume market with their Dior Sauvage. 

Louis Vuitton 

It is one of the oldest French fashion brands on the market at the moment. It is the second most valued brand in the world behind Nike. They are primarily known for their handbags; all they have are highly fashionable clothing items. Louis Vuitton has also designed premium travel bags so if you ever wanted to travel in style, this would be the brand to look towards. 

Dolce & Gabbana

Last but not least, Dolce & Gabbana. Believe it or not, this brand is not French and Italian. It has a large presence in the United States and many other countries. It combines luxury with status for several items such as footwear, sunglasses, watches and cosmetic products. It has a unique Sicilian style both men and women seem to wear around the world with a variety of different designs. 

Upcoming Brands

There are many brands out there that have built a huge reputation over the years. For a brand to be luxurious, they need to have been a clothing brand for a long time. Not to mention the high-quality materials that are used for it. Furthermore, there are a number of upcoming brands that are aiming to build a reputation in the fashion industry. 

Foolish is one of those brands that sells high-quality clothing at a high price, with the sustainable element being significant in their brand. Organic clothing has become a priority for many fashion brands due to the issues that the world is facing for global warming. Foolish has an organic clothing section which is a great modern-day selling point. Although they haven’t got a reputation now, they certainly will build one in the future due to their casual style and organic clothing.

To Conclude

There are several brands that have not been mentioned that certainly deserve to be mentioned. However, these companies are really dominating the market.