Digital Marketing And Roles: How Much It Is Effective To Proffer A Work-Life Balance?

Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is getting harder by day with the rising expectations of the organizations on their employees. Ernst & Young in its recent statistics revealed that 46 percent of managers all over the world are spending more than 40 hours weekly working and 4 in 10 managers have expressed that the number of working hours has surged over the past five years. The major restraining forces to achieve the required work-life balance were a slow and almost static rise in income and the rising demand of you to be at work.

However, still studies have shown that there exist careers that are best to maintain your work life balance. One such is a career in digital marketing that are not only a sought after job area now but also help in making way for a life outside your work.

How do you initiate a career in online marketing?

While you are acquiring the necessary skills and certifications, it is not easy to understand which career will offer you the privilege to attain the right work-life balance. However, an MBA might be helpful in opening wider avenues for you that you can explore. General MBA degree will lead to a job where you can earn good and pursue your interest. A specialized MBA focusing on marketing and informatics will prepare you for the transition from core marketing to digital marketing. Associating with digital marketing platforms will be easier with the right MBA degree. Marketing channels will give you an idea to understand the different marketing channels where you can learn about the traditional modes of marketing and also get a fair idea about the online space. The emerging platforms in marketing such as the social media, mobile sites, and the Internet gives you new ways to connect to your customers. Hence, having a fundamental knowledge of the same will help you through your digital marketing career. This is one of the best ways to have a fulfilling career leaving time for your personal life.

Digital Marketing Roles that helps to maintain the work-life balance

Digital marketing provides a gamut of job titles that you can choose depending on your interest. Studies have revealed that following are highly demanded and promises and good work-life balance in digital media:

  • SEO Manager: Search Engine Optimization manager is responsible for increasing the ranking of a website on the major search result pages. They aim to generate traffic for a website. The scope of SEO managers is higher in the job market. Hence, SEO managers must be research-oriented and well versed with analytics. Knowledge of search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising is an added advantage.

  • Digital Marketing Manager: These experts help to design and develop comprehensive digital media strategies which are required by small as well as big organizations. They are responsible for SEO, email marketing, online advertising, mobile and social media marketing.

  • Social Media Manager: They help in creating brand visibility and awareness over social media and are responsible for designing right campaigns apt for the brand.

  • Marketing Analysts: They are the experts in analysts who use various analytical tools to track the success of the campaigns and various digital marketing efforts of an organization. They are also involved in market research and framing of the right digital strategy.

  • Marketing Assistants: These professionals help the job of a marketing manager easy by assisting them throughout the campaign. From drafting the campaign to writing reports and arranging events, everything is done by these experts. This gives a great learning opportunity for those aspiring to be a digital marketer.

  • Content Manager: From loading the website with content to deciding which content will go where, these experts are responsible for designing the content marketing strategy for a brand. They also look after the team of writers, editorial assistants, photographers, videographers, graphic designers to help in content distribution.

Digital marketing thus requires a niche online marketing skills encompassing social media, SEO, Analytics, PPC and content creation. It involves a lot of self-initiated learning to have a bright career in this field. Apart from a strong MBA background, you need to attend seminars, conferences, follow influencers, blogs and get the right training through internships to be an evolved digital marketer which will help you to achieve the right work-life balance.