The Benefits Of Wearing A Moonstone

The Benefits Of Wearing A Moonstone

Moonstone is a gem of hope and abundance. It looks like a pearl with a blue shimmer on its surface. Due to its milky-bluish sheen that appears like beaming moonlight, it is named moonstone. It is translucent, and its colours can vary from white, gray, orange, green, blue, pink, brown, and rainbow and is enveloped by strong rays of gold, blue and purple. It has mystical properties that can help in getting rid of negativity. The waxing and waning of the moon might affect a person’s emotional state, and at these times, the crystal will protect the wearer.

It’s an opalescent stone, and the play of light in the crystal is called adularescence. When light falls on the gemstone’s surface, it reflects due to the thin layers of feldspar minerals present in the gem. First found in the Adula mountains of Switzerland, it can also be mined from Myanmar, Brazil, Norway, the USA, Australia, Germany, Tanzania, India, and Madagascar. Made of sodium potassium aluminium silicate, it is part of the mineral family of feldspars. The hardness of the crystal varies from 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

  • Types of Moonstone

Moonstone has various kinds due to its colors, and these have different healing properties.

  • White Moonstone

This moonstone helps develop psychic abilities in the wearer. It can establish latent energy in women, also known as kundalini. It also helps men have an emotional balance.

  • Peach or Yellow Moonstone

This one will provide you solutions for your worries and anxiety. It will help you get rid of your fears and soothe your mind and heart.

  • Rainbow Moonstone 

It emits colors of a rainbow and helps in psychic protection. It works on all the seven chakras of the body and cleanses the aura of the wearer. In addition, it alleviates sleeping problems and negative energies.

  • Blue or Cat’s Eye Moonstone 

It is a rare variety and is quite loved for its appearance. It helps in seeing patterns and letting go.

  • Moonstone in Jewelry

The gemstone has been used in jewelry since ancient times. It is loved for its color flashes when observed at different angles. It has a subtle and decent look that will go well with your formals and occasional outfits. Moonstone rings are created chiefly in sterling silver. Nowadays, the gemstone is preferred for engagement rings as well. 

Whether you decide to buy a moonstone bracelet or a moonstone pendant, know that it will benefit you as a gemstone works for you when it is in close touch with your skin. Just be careful to avoid spraying perfume directly onto the delicate stone.

The crystal goes well with silver. The pearly sheen of the gemstone with the shine of the silver looks heavenly. When you buy a moonstone ring, it tells your classy choice and also about your personality. You can wear it as a stackable or an individual ring. It is a favorite of fashion lovers owing to its out-of-the-world sheen and extraterrestrial healing properties.

  • Benefits of Wearing Moonstone Jewelry

The gemstone is known for fulfilling wishes. It will help you get rid of the negative energies. It aligns with all the Heart Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra and is connected to all our emotions. Known as the stone of protection, it protects the travelers at night.

Also known as a balancing stone, it will help you balance and calm your emotions. The gemstone symbolizes feminine energy and therefore helps to balance hormones in females. It can help in alleviating menstrual cramps and ease pain during childbirth.

With its Yin energy, the crystal can help men control their aggression. It can also help them explore their emotional side. The crystal helps the wearer to develop gentle behavior. It is also said to bring true love into the wearer’s life.

  • Its History

In Ancient Rome, the Romans believed the crystal was solidified moonlight. It was believed that those who looked at the stone could see Goddess Diana. The crystal was said to bring love to the life of the wearer. In the Art Nouveau period, too, gemstone jewelry was quite in demand.

The Europeans believed the gemstone to be magical. According to ancient Europeans, the gem could reunite estranged lovers.

  • Birthstone for June

Although Moonstone is the birthstone for June, yet the crystal works well for Librans too. It can help them adapt to life changes. The gemstone can also help the Scorpios balance their reactive behavior and control jealousy.

  • Moonstone Care

To maintain the much-loved sheen of the crystal:

  1. Wash it with mild soap and water.
  2. After rinsing it, wipe it with a soft cloth.
  3. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the gemstone.

The gemstone needs to be charged under moonlight from time to time. After cleaning, place it near a window where it gets the shining beams of the moon.

  • Where to Buy Genuine Moonstone Jewelry?

Moonstone is fascinating because of its many visual properties. It attracts admirers with its beauty and it’s so many healing properties. Although there are so many options in the market to buy Moonstone Jewelry, finding authentic gemstones is a task. Enhance your jewelry collection with a gemstone that symbolizes love, protection, good fortune, and abundance.