Xiaomi Redmi Announces Affordable New G Gaming Laptops 2020

Xiaomi Redmi Announces New G Gaming Laptops 2020

Redmi has announced one of the most affordable mid-range gaming laptops with a 144Hz screen, Intel 10th generation CPUs and high-capacity SSDs, starting at just $760. With better models, these may go up to $1000 but bear in mind that they’ve only been launched in China and that foreign prices that vary.

The Redmi G is more discreet with its gaming style, relative to other computer laptops. The overall design is slim and sleek, and a quite large touchpad. The display measures 16.1-inch at FHD resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz. The webcam is positioned at the bottom of the lunette, a method that Dell used in the past that became infamously known as “nose cams.”

There are exhaust vents at the left and right, and two additional ones at the rear, to keep things cool. Redmi has three different heat pipes, as well.

The base model includes Intel Core i5-10200H 10th generation processors with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSDs. The GPU paired with this configuration is the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 but if you spend an additional $100, you can opt for a 165o TI. There is no option for AMD processors but, like most other brands, they might later be available.

Redmi says the 55Wh battery will provide 5.5 hours of internet surfing and working use.

On August 17, the Redmi Gaming laptops will go on sale in China, with a starting price of $760.

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