Basics Of Creating Animated Videos For Online Marketing

Basics Of Creating Animated Videos For Online Marketing

Animated videos in online marketing serve many benefits to its employer. From an appealing content solution to the fact that people prefer it to other methods of creating content. It is only fitting that video, specifically animation, is now hailed as the primary form of visual content in the online market.

Creating animations that serve you an all ends sounds like a daunting task. However, you can divide the ingredients to understand how to make animated videos and understand the right approach of making it. You can divide it into three main features. It has to be appealing. It has to convey the right information. It has to be brief. Therefore, let us dive right into the specifics and break down each segment.

1.   Writing The Script

Whether you shoot a video or animate it, without a script, it is futile to even try. A script is the blueprint of a video that holds all the affairs together. According to a renowned screenwriter, you can make a bad film out of a good script, but you can never make a good film out of a bad script. George Clooney said that. Therefore, it is important to write a script surrounding these questions.

Why do you need this video? What purpose will it serve? After you have answered those questions, then you need to ask who exactly are you targeting? Aka your target audience. Then you need to provide a question or a problem. After you have conveyed that problem, you need to establish a solution. That is how you create a script for an animated video for marketing purposes.

2.   Creating A Storyboard

By this point, you know what the events of your video are. However, it is important to understand how these said events would play out. Without visualizing your idea, you cannot hope to achieve the highest level of animation. Therefore, it is important to create a storyboard that helps you and your animators understand how you want the course of action to play out.

A storyboard is like a compilation of different pictures that will portray how the key events of the video will play out. In movies, directors do not make storyboards of the entire screenplay or the whole course of the movie. They only create storyboards for key events.

These key events might be the beginning or the starting point that would set off the plot and convey the problem. The second key event should be centred on, if and any, characters coming to realization. The third and last section should help you portray the solution.

3.   Choosing The Right Type

You should decide this part long before you set down to write the script. However, you can make an exception if your storyboard is demanding something different from your initial thought. Therefore, you need to consider the type of animations you have at your disposal before sitting down to animate. Here are some of the key types

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Infographics\Explainer Video

2D is the most common and one of the oldest methods of creating animation. It puts one picture or frame next to another and combines them in order to create life-like motions of characters or objects on the screen. 3D animation is perhaps the most expensive and the most realistic type out there. It is often hailed as CGI or computer-generated images. Most live-action films with special effects rely on 3D animation. Whiteboard animation is most common in advertisements on the internet and social mediums. Whereas infographics and explainer videos are best for creating YouTube or videos for websites.

4.   Narration/Background Music

This part depends entirely upon your initial approach. If you are relying on the text on the screen, then you need a piece of compelling background music to add flair to your video. If not, then you can employ music and narration for your video. Narration is more suitable for advertisements as it can help convey the right information.

Over To You

There you have it folks, the basics you need to understand how to make animated videos/video for online marketing. Creating it might sound like a challenge, but once you get a grip of what it takes, it will come to you easily.

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