PCB Lays off Employees due to COVID-19 Pandemic

PCB Lays off Employees due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Pakistan Cricket Board ( PCB) has reopened an office in the country after restrictions on lockdowns have eased. The cricket board said in a statement that the operations would only partly resume at the PCB headquarters with minimal staff.

The PCB has yet to take the final decision on opening regional and other offices, as there is still confusion about the future of lockdown and business resumption. The next assignment for the cricket team is the tour to England, which the PCB agreed to mostly subject to government approval.

As other cricket boards and governments are also looking for ways to resume sporting events in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, PCB needs to formulate the SOPs for resuming cricket activities in the country.

Reports state that the PCB has laid-off employees with offices reopening, particularly those who are no longer needed, such as office boys and helpers. The lay-offs will mean the handing over of dismissal letters to inactive employees from all departments.

Across the country, businesses are firing their employees in such challenging times. Even those who are financially stable, such as the PCB, are finding ways to cut spending, and the easiest way out is to lay off employees or cut back on pay.

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