US-China Trade War Continues as China to Ban Apple, Qualcomm & Boeing

US-China Trad War Continues as China Bans Apple, Qualcomm & Boeing

Huawei has faced significant setbacks after the US Department of Commerce blacklisted him. The Chinese company has since been cut off from its foreign software and hardware supply and has been forced to turn to alternative resources.

Today, a year on, China is planning for its own harsh counteraction. The Chinese Commerce Ministry is reportedly planning its own “Unreliable Agency List” which would include:

Foreign organizations, individuals and companies that block or shut supply chains, or take discriminatory measures for non-commercial reasons, whose actions endanger the business of Chinese companies as well as global consumers and companies.

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The companies placed on this list will face legal and regulatory measures and will also be warned against Chinese citizens. As of now, what exactly those legal and administrative measures will be is unknown.

Sources with inside knowledge on the subject believe the Chinese government is looking for companies that rely heavily on China and its resources to target them. Rumor has it that Apple, Qualcomm, Cisco, and Boeing will be included in the list of entities at first, with more added over time if deemed necessary.

Huawei has already established its own HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) and is solely using its in-house Kirin chips as an alternative to the trading ban on its smartphones. The company also announced Harmony OS, for its smart TVs and other smart accessories otherwise known as the HongMeng OS.

As for the “Unreliable Entity List,” more details will surface over time and as soon as they appear, we will update this space.

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