Google Phone Call Recording Feature is Officially Launched

Google Phone Call Recording Feature is Officially Launched

Google’s Android call recording feature has been in the works for quite some time now. APK Teardown announced earlier this year that the search engine giant is working on the feature for its Phone app, and XDA Developers just yesterday confirmed that Nokia phones in India have started receiving the update.

The new app now has official confirmation as Google itself has released a support document that explains the app and how to use it.

The document states that the device must have Android 9 or higher for recording a call, and must have the current version of the Google Phone app. In a supported region, it must also be a compatible device but it does not define which devices or regions are compatible.

Recording a call is as easy as hitting the on-screen record button when making a call. The reported calls can be found under the Recents tab and the background of the call within the Phone app. Such recordings are stored locally and can be exchanged or removed at any time as audio files.

The app must remind users to comply with local call recording laws when initiating a call for the first time, as many regions need permission before being registered on call. The other party will be notified that the call is being recorded before the recording begins, and they will also be informed when the recording finishes.

There is no news on when this function will roll out globally but it won’t take long with a few Nokia owners already getting it and Google publishing an official document online.

The feature is also, unsurprisingly, region restricted. Google mentions that call recording is “not available in all countries and regions.”

Last week, Google started rolling out Phone support for call recording, but only on select devices in India. Given that and how this support page is worded, I wouldn’t count on wider availability anytime soon.

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