Skype Vs Zoom – A Quick Comparison

skype vs zoom

What one do you want, Skype or Zoom? No-one would have thought a few months ago that you would need contrast between the two video calling devices.

Yet we’re here, operating from home. Anyone who works from home wants some means of communication. Calls, texts, and emails do serve the function but are still considered a challenge because you have to pay close attention and do not miss any directions.

There are apparently major gaps between the two devices. One could fit your needs better than others. Let’s just start unveiling!

Applications Supported:

Skype: Internet browsers, IOS, Android, Windows.

Zoom: Windows 10, macOS, Linux (Ubuntu included), iOS, Android, Blackberry.

Free Trier:

Skype: Yes

Zoom: Yes


Skype: Records are kept up to 30 days.

Zoom: 1 GB of zoom enabled cloud backup.

Special Features

Skype: Blur my background, emoji react, recording a call.

Zoom: Digital context configuration, end to end encryption, HD video, and audio.

Premium Tier

Skype: Yes, for international calling

Zoom: Zoom Pro ($14.99 per month per host) – 24-hour meeting period

Maximum number of participants

Skype: 50 participants

Zoom: 100 (up to 49 available at the same time)

The App’s selection depends solely on your business requirements. If you are a company that needs safe lines then maybe calls, texts, and emails are the best options for you during the lockout, given the privacy problem at hand Zoom.

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