AKU has launched an app to Self-Screen for Coronavirus

Aga-Khan-University coronavirus self screening app

9 April 2020: With the rise of coronavirus cases in Pakistan, authorities are concentrating more on making virus testing available.

Innovative Healthcare Systems (IHS), a Pakistani medical enterprise has partnered with a Finnish corporation. They created Virtual Test Kits together.

The kits will be rolled out after the provincial and federal governments, as well as the hospitals, have finalized details.

The research kit imitates a kit that measures sugar. A drop in blood would determine whether or not the patient contracted the virus.

9 April 2020: The Aga Khan University (AKU) submitted a ‘Corona Test’ submission. The app helps people to self-examine their deadly coronavirus symptoms safely with an in-home screening device at home.

The app uses an artificial intelligence-driven interactive chatbot that helps the user to recognize his symptoms and take the appropriate steps in a timely manner.

The app’s goal is to recognize people who are carriers and to avoid the disease spreading in time. The ‘CoronaCheck’ app also seeks to counter myths and misconceptions created by featuring educational videos in Urdu, which have been making rounds on social media.

The Director of AKU’s TISC, Saleem Sayani said, “The coronavirus has placed the country’s healthcare system under tremendous strain with frontline healthcare professionals already working around the clock.

Through this app, we hope to share useful tips that can prevent new cases and provide reassurance to worried citizens during a time of widespread concern.

CoronaCheck can be downloaded on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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