The Restaurant is not Closing, Monal’s Management

Monal Restaurant is not closing

Apparently, Spreading fake news is the new trend in Pakistan. People spread hate-speech and news without any proof and evidence on social media, especially Facebook and these fake news spreads faster than the truth, which is sad and alarming for the nation at the same time.

The same is the case that happened with Islamabad’s Monal Restaurant recently. Without any substantial proof, it has been rumored by the locals across the social media that the Pakistan Army has asked Monal Restaurant’s management to vacant space as it is owned by the Army.

The Monal management took to Facebook and other social media to respond to the rumors. They said that all this shutting down talk was unwarranted and that the restaurant’s operations will continue to take place smoothly.

So, the final word is: Monal isn’t shutting down. It is time to stop spreading the rumor and the hate speech against the Pakistan Army.


Eat, Relax and Enjoy the beautiful View
Monal Restaurant Islamabad offers good food and an awesome view of the capital Islamabad. Indoor and Outdoor dining facilities are available. Outdoor dining is recommended to enjoy the lovely view of the capital city (Islamabad). At night you can enjoy and relax to view the city lights which are simply stunning. Monal live music entertains its attendants.

Muhammad Salman Siddique
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