PM Imran Khan to address UNGA and raise Kashmir issue today

Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) today, drawing world attention to the ongoing and escalating humanitarian crisis and human rights violation in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

During the address, the prime minister will raise the case of Kashmir in front of the world leaders, urging them to take necessary steps to solve the crisis in the Indian-occupied territory.

In his message to the UNGA, PM khan will enforce the UN to find a peaceful solution for the Kashmir dispute before it’s too late, as the region is facing the possibility of nuclear warfare between two nuclear rivals.

PM Imran will also raise the voice of the Kashmiri people who continue to suffer a ferocious lockdown by BJP-driven brutal Indian Army for the past 54 days.

The tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi escalated after India’s unilateral move by the BJP-driven government to overrule a 7 decades-old rule that gave the power of autonomy to the occupied and disputed Muslim-majority region of Kashmir, followed by massive deployments of troops in an occupied valley and prolonged curfew.

The Indian PM Modi will also address the UNGA session today prior to his Pakistani counterpart.

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