Rally demanding justice in Nimrita case seeks formation of JIT

SAJAWAL: Civil society and Hindu community residing within the neighborhood took to the streets today demanding justice in the mysterious death of medical student Nimrita Chandani, on Friday.

A protest rally was taken out within the neighborhood of Thatta and the medical college where Nimrita was studying. The participants of the rally demanded that the Vice-Chancellor of the medical institute be removed for criminal negligence.

Moreover, the participants demanded the formation of a JIT (Joint Investigation Team) to investigate the alleged murder.

While talking to media, Nirmrita’s brother Dr.Vishaal asserted that her sister was not a person who could commit suicide. “She was a very lively and socially active person,” he recalled.

On Tuesday’s late-night, Nimrita, who was a BDS final year student at Bibi Aseefa Dental College (BADC) was mysteriously found dead in his hostel room at Chandka Medical College in Larkana. The university’s vice-chancellor, Aneela Atta-ur-Rahman, claimed that the student had some marks on her neck which confirmed that Nimrita might have committed suicide.


Maleeka Zehra
There are hundreds of ways to tell a truth but the one which hurts most is the appropriate one. I am a researcher and writer at e-Syndicate Network who writes on multiple categories, I write knowing the importance of truth and lies.