Intel’s Cascade Lake Core i9 with all-core 5 GHz to launch Next Month

Intel Cascade Lake

Intel held a conference call related to IFA in Berlin, and unexpectedly they disclosed the release of its Cascade Lake series’ Core i9 9900KS chips and announced that the all-core 5 GHz processor is due for a release next month.

The Core i9 9900KS processor will have 5 GHz boost activated on all eight cores. Maintaining efficiency in multi-threaded workloads where one or all threads are utilized, the upcoming processor will boost to 5 GHz in all threads/cores.

The existing Core i9 9900K, which has one core active up to 5 GHz, and all core stress translates towards a maximum of 4.7 GHz on all cores is the same product. But, the 9900KS is a highly upgraded version of that StockKeeping Unit (SKU). Intel did not reveal any details about what the thermal design power (TDP) is going to be for this SKU, as it’ll be higher than 100 Watts, for sure.

The thermal design power (TDP), also called thermal design point, is the maximum amount of heat generated by a processor that the cooling system in a computer is designed to diminish under any heavy workload.

Intel has claimed that this next-gen of Core-X processors “Cascade Lake-X” will offer better performance per dollar versus AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper CPUs.

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For yet, Intel has not disclosed the price either. But revealed that their next-generation high-end desktops might actually be priced aggressively against Threadripper CPUs which have almost destroyed Intel in the  High-end Desktop (HEDT) market.

We are now going to experience how Intel would consider some massive price updates with their upcoming chips which is the only reason consumers will consider such higher performance per dollar since Intel can only get too far away with clock speeds which are already at their upper limit on the current lineup. The Blue Team’s 18 core flagship, the Core i9-9980XE currently costs $2000 US compared to the Red Team AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX with 32 cores that costs $1800 US.

PS: Aggressive, in terms of Price, is a competitive edge in Price, also called Predatory Pricing. Predatory pricing is very low pricing intended to undercut competitors and push them out of the game while also discouraging new entrants.

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