1000 surplus PIA employees laid off & induction of New Aircraft promised

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) management has kicked off nearly 1,000 surplus and ghost employees and has taken other measures to reduce the operational cost of the airline to increase efficiency.

Confirmed by PIA president and Chief Executive Air Marshal Arshad Malik during a convention with Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh on Friday.

The PIA chief executive, according to the resources put forward by the finance ministry, gave a briefing to Dr Sheikh on various activities and initiatives undertaken by the PIA to reduce its operational cost to help raise revenues through better management and fruitful utilisation of available financial and human resources.

Dr Sheikh asked the PIA to start an independent and sustainable business plan and stressed that the government wants the national flag carrier to effectively utilise its resources, improve revenue streams, ensure efficiency and financial discipline.

The adviser also stressed the importance of a crucial and independent corporate plan to help the PIA grow and overcome its difficulties in achieving sustainability regarding business processes and flight operations. He said the government completely supports the PIA management and expected it to perform efficiently to turn the national flag carrier into an economically stable, trustable and dependable airline for local and international travellers.

Arshad Malik praised Dr Sheikh for his guidance and support and said the PIA management had been able to lay off nearly 1,000 “redundant staff” to save costs.

The PM’s adviser directed his team in the finance ministry to work closely with the PIA management and provide them with all possible financial assistance, keeping in view the availability of fiscal space.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had chaired a meeting of the Aviation Division in Islamabad to discuss PIA’s business plan, requirements and other issues. It was attended by Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Dr Hafeez Sheikh, Aviation Secretary Shahrukh Nusrat and Arshad Malik.

The prime minister directed the PIA chief executive to improve the performance of the airline and approved the purchase of additional planes for Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) existing fleet. Mr Khan directed the finance ministry to cooperate with the PIA in the purchase of new aircraft.

According to Air Marshal Malik, overall 12 new planes will be added to PIA’s fleet by 2023. In the initial stage, four planes will be added to the fleet by 2020 and two narrow-bodied aircraft are expected to be included in the PIA fleet by the end of this year.

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