The World is silent over the Catastrophic Wildfire of Amazon Rainforest

Amazon fire

A daytime blackout in a Brazilian city has turned on the alarms and urged thousands of people to raise their hands and pray for the welfare of the Amazon rainforest.

The hashtag #prayforamazonia has now emerged as a global Twitter trend with more than 150,000 references to the catastrophic event and people sharing photos of the disaster.


The media is not giving coverage to this serious issue. Maybe the news about celebrities, money, and sports bring extra pennies to their pockets by raising their rating, which such issues fail to deliver.

“Extraordinary and caring people” took over the twitter and displayed their rage against the silence of media and so-called world leaders.

Background – Importance – Reasons:

The dry season provides supportive conditions for wildfires in Brazil, but they are also often caused by fires meant to clear the land for cattle farming. The country saw an 88 percent escalation in deforestation in June 2019

Conservationists blame Jair Messias Bolsonaro, a Brazilian politician and retired military officer, serving as the 38th President of Brazil since 1 January 2019, for encouraging loggers and farmers to clear the land resulting in rampant forest fire and deforestation. Scientists claim the loss of forest in Amazon is taking place at a faster rate since the new president took to office.

Fires in Amazon rainforest have increased by 84 percent this year, according to satellite data released by Brazil’s space research agency

The National Institute for Space Research, Brazil detected 72,000 fires between January and August 2019, the highest since 2013. The fire caused an hour-long daytime blackout in the city of Sao Paulo due to smoke that covered the sky caused by forest burning 2,700 km away.

(Image Source: BBC)

Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest, plays a crucial role in the regulation of greenhouse gases and slows down the rate of global warming. Millions of animals, insects and other indigenous populations inhabit it.

Around 9,500 fires have been observed in the mighty forest since the last Thursday.

Amazonas, a state in Brazil, declared an emergency in the wake of the fires while the satellite images showed states of Roraima hidden under the dark black smoke.

The earth is on the verge of dying, as the main source of countering climate change is losing at a faster rate than ever. But who will die and who will survive in the end? Surely we are all gonna die and the earth will survive somehow, to sustain any other species in a different period, species that will be completely unaware of the fact that any intelligent animal named Human has ever ruled the earth before.

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