Alamgir Khan

Alamgir Khan released after short arrest

After short detention on Sunday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member of the National Assembly (MNA) and Fixit founder Alamgir Khan, who was taken into custody by police following a clash between members of his campaign and die-hard workers of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has been released.

The arrest took place when he reached Teen Talwar area to address a press conference after the Pakistan Peoples ‘ Party (PPP)’s die-hard workers clashed with Fixit movement members.

The PPP workers were seen carrying batons while several workers were wounded from both sides. For medical assistance, dozens of injured men were transferred to hospital.

Following numerous arrests, police intervened in the fight and brought the situation under control. Police also baton-charged the protesters.

Alamgir Khan, on the other side, said the Sindh government was behind today’s event. He also called on the authorities to release other FixIt members.

The MNA continued to say that the PPP employees were torturing his campaign members over the protest, vandalizing cars and using weapons. Fixit had set up a sit-in for the local government outside the Sindh Provincial Minister’s office.

Meanwhile, Sindh Local Bodies Minister, Saeed Ghani lashed at FixIt campaigners, stating “there are other ways to record protests.” “They drew pictures on manhole covers and staged cheap protests,” the minister lamented.

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