4 New Environmentally Friendly Technologies

Technology is constantly changing and in recent years there are all sorts of revolutionary ideas that are designed specifically to improve the environment. While green energy suppliers are helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels, there are still plenty of unethical problems that need to be addressed. Here’s a look at 4 new technology that has been designed to help improve the user’s day to day life.


Sunflare Solar Wallpaper

While solar technology is something that we all know about, it’s not something everyone uses. Sunflare has created a solar wallpaper which is thin enough to store away and you can put it on most surfaces with minimal effort. Designs like this that can be stuck to the roof of a car, to the side of a building or put in the garden means that there is literally no excuse to not go solar. Sunflares philosophy is to help everything built under the sun to be powered by the sun.


ZERA Food Recycler

While more suburban homes are using food bins separately to their normal rubbish, the ZERA food recycler has the potential to remove the need for this completely. ZERA, designed by Whirlpool is a bin that turns your food waste into garden fertilizer. Compost normally takes months to create, but with the latest technology, this bin now does it in 24 hours.

Although this might seem like a small change, these bins being used on a mass scale can have a knock-on effect to reducing the level of waste being needed to be removed from homes. Which reduces the number of journeys for waste disposal vehicles, and if this happens globally, could truly help multiple environmental issues.


Drinkable Plastic Bags

Most people are aware that plastic is very harmful to both animals and sea life, but while some procedures have come into play (like paying for plastic bags in stores), it hasn’t put a stop to the issues. Avani is a Bali based business that has created a plastic bag that is edible, compostable and even drinkable to help protect the planet and its natural inhabitants. The plastic bag is made from cassava root starch and is completely safe to consume by animals, it also dissolves in warm water so it can’t harm sea life.


Energy Suppliers

Green energy suppliers have now given everyone no reason to be using unethical options. To switch energy suppliers has never been so easy, with a quick phone call, everything can be sorted out for you. The cost of switching it is either free or affordable and the energy itself again is either cheaper or on par with your current provider.

It might seem easier to stay with what you currently have, but for the amount of energy your home uses a year, it’s worth reading up and finding out how much you change could improve the environment.


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