LGBTQ CEOs From the “Other” Faction of the society

LGBTQ CEOs: From the “Other” Faction of the Society

Everyone has a right to a successful life and regretfully, societies have learned this lesson with a very slow pace.  But, the twenty-first century has seen some of the glorious victories from the most suppressed factions of society. With a tolerance towards gender identity CEOs of fortune, 500 companies and athletes stepped forward and revealed their gay/lesbian identities. Here is the list of some renowned CEOs who dared express their gender identities.

Tim Cook – Apple
Tim Cook - Apple





Peter Thiel – PayPal’s Former CEOPeter Thiel PayPal's Former CEO

Chris Hughes – Facebook
Chris Hughes - Facebook

Beth Ford – Land O’ Lakes

Beth Ford - Land O' Lakes






Alan Joyce – Qantas airlinesAlan Joyce - Qantas airlines

Inga Beale – Lloyd’s of LondonInga Beale - Lloyd’s of London

Martine Rothblatt – United Therapeutics CorpMartine Rothblatt - United Therapeutics Corp

Peter Arvai – PreziPeter Arvai - Prezi

Megan Smith – VP of Google, CEO of Planet Out CTO of USAMegan Smith - VP of Google, CEO of Planet Out CTO of USA

Claudia Brind-Woody – VP of IBMClaudia Brind-Woody - VP of IBM

António Simões – CEO of HSBC BankAntónio Simões - CEO of HSBC Bank

Juergen Maier – Siemens UKJuergen Maier - Siemens UK

Mark McBride-Wright – Chair and Co-Founder of InterEngineeringMark McBride-Wright - Chair and Co-Founder of InterEngineering

Stephen Clarke – CEO WH SmithStephen Clarke - CEO WH Smith

Trevor Burgess – CEO of C1 Financial (First openly gay CEO of a bank on the New York Stock Exchange)Trevor Burgess  - CEO of C1 Financial

Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has not witnessed any transgender entrepreneurs until the date. With such low status in society, there are countless hurdles that hinder the way of these very talented people. With schools opened in Lahore, there is hope that someday transgender (Precisely those from the very humble background) will be able to stand honorable in society. Education can open gates to several opportunities for this community.

Pakistan seriously lacks representation at international forums and a lot can be done in performing arts. Only if some performing arts schools could take responsibility for training the transgender, a win-win situation can be created.  Social entrepreneurship can play a vital role in this regard.

With so much work being done for gender equality, we hope soon Pakistan will be among the nations where people are respected and rewarded for their talent, integrity, and character and not for their gender.

Saman Javaid
I am a writer and critic with a passion for Politics and International relations. Being a business graduate, I work in one of the fastest growing IT companies in Pakistan. I am also the co-founder and have remained editor-in-chief of IU Gazette. I consider learning as vital as breathing and love to inspire and be inspired.